Missional Journeys

What to Expect

Missional Journeys integrate a mix of experiences where we think critically about the structures and injustices that marginalize some groups of people through discussions and scriptural discovery, where we put faces to those issues in meaningful and constructive interaction with the “other,” where we work together in tangible ways to make these under-resourced neighborhoods better, and where we pray together for God’s kingdom to reveal itself through us. We do this through:

  • Discussions of issues and hardships facing our local friends and discovering through scripture what the gospel has to say to this.
  • Fun, interactive text message scavenger hunts that take us all around our neighborhood identifying places of cultural and historical significance and begin to reveal the story of our neighborhoods.
  • A film festival where we get insight and differing perspectives into the lives and experience of others who are marginalized and how they cope in their struggles and every once in awhile, creatively overcome the obstacles in front of them
  • “World Cafes” where outsider and local youth have fun interactions together and then engage in meaningful group conversations around tables to share together the ways in which they uniquely experience brokenness and explore what Christ’s healing might look like.
  • Diving into the local food scene where different ethnic restaurants (and our neighbors’ kitchens) serve up some of the most amazing food!
  • Helping local organizations fulfill their missions. Some weeks, it might mean helping out at a senior citizens’ center, helping a local church with vacation bible school, or organizing games and activities for kids.
  • Lending a hand to neighborhood associations to help keep our neighborhoods clean.
  • Dropping in on some of our local friends to visit with them, share a Coke and some cookies, get a glimpse of their life and pray together with them.
  • Hosting neighborhood parties where neighbors get to know neighbors, you get to know them, and we enjoy good food, music, and fellowship together.
  • Practicing a rhythm of prayer, morning, mid-day, and evening.

Argentine Preview

Argentine is an amazing, urban hideaway neighborhood on the south side of the river in Kansas City, Kansas. It’s one of those places which like some of our friends, even after they’ve changed somehow can’t shake the reputation of who they once were. It’s tempting for some to spotlight her faults and her shortcomings, calling Argentine a “poor” or “low-income” neighborhood. But we feel that there’s no way for us to help write the new story that God’s up to in Argentine by retelling a litany of woes like so many well-intentioned ministries and helping organizations often do. Argentine is blessed with a diverse population and a healthy Hispanic majority. Argentine is blessed because where money is scarce, there’s little pressure to keep up with the Joneses. Argentine is blessed because here “loving your neighbor” doesn’t allow us to stay comfortably separated by those we should know and who should know us.