2021 Health & Safety Measures for Youthfront Missional Journeys


Youthfront Missional Journeys is excited for youth to learn and serve our city once again this summer! We know that our programs are incredibly valuable in developing the faith of youth and young adults and realize that now, more than ever, youth are craving connection with God and community. We plan to host our Missional Journey experiences with the most updated health and safety measures in place. 

As guidelines evolve, we will continue to work closely with our Medical Director, medical advisory team and local authorities to make the necessary adjustments.

The health & safety of our participants is always our top priority. 



As of March 1, 2021, below is a list of key protocols that will be in place for summer of 2021.

Expert Guidance

Our Medical Director, a physician, along with a generous group of other physicians, nurses and lab technicians, volunteer their time to review and guide all of our health protocols. This ensures our health and safety measures for our Missional Journey teams are in line with the latest CDC and local recommendations and meet the highest standards. This team will meet regularly leading up to and during the summer season. They will guide us in any changes that can or should be made throughout the summer.

Clean Air & Clean Facilities

Some of our program adjustments include more outdoor time for sun and space! We’ve established stringent sanitizing and cleaning protocols for our teams wherever they sleep, eat or serve. For out-of-town groups who will be staying overnight, our lodging facilities observe those same procedures.

Team Training

Each summer, our staff have extensive training on all of our protocols and safety procedures before youth participate in our programs. Our staff are ready to partner with youth and group leaders to ensure everything from consistent hand hygiene to daily health monitoring while on a Missional Journey.

Hand Hygiene and More

Our staff will oversee strict hand sanitizing procedures with strategically placed hand sanitizing stations throughout our facilities and in our service locations. 

Health Screening

In addition to our standard medical questionnaire, all participants will be screened with specific questions regarding COVID-19 before arriving and upon check-in.  Each participant’s temperature will also be taken at check-in and on a regular basis during their stay, and our staff have extra daily check-ins in place.

Any adult or child over the age of 16 is encouraged to get a vaccine if possible.  We also encourage any participant to obtain a negative Covid-19 test within three days of attending a Missional Journey experience.  We are highly encouraging any vulnerable in the participant’s household (elderly, immunocompromised) to get the Covid-19 vaccine at least five weeks before their student participates in a Youthfront Missional Journey.

Group Dynamics

Our staff has made adjustments to programs and group activities to protect the health and safety of participants in line with the latest local guidance – in some cases keeping participants in small groups as well as requiring face masks for certain activities.

Parents as Partners

In the event a participant does get ill during a Missional Journey, our staff and Medical Director have a plan in place for immediate action that includes separating from the group, evaluation by a Youthfront staff member, and communication to parents.

*A Note About Vaccines and the Vulnerable:

At this time, we do not know what stage the vaccine roll-out will be for the summer of 2021 or how close we’ll be to “herd immunity” in our area.  We are highly encouraging each full-time staff, summer staff, adult volunteer and Missional Journey participant over the age of 16 to get vaccinated if at all possible at least five weeks before a Missional Journey experience.  At a minimum, we are highly encouraging any vulnerable person in the participant’s household (elderly, immunocompromised etc.) to get the Covid-19 vaccine as soon as possible. 

We’re happy to answer any additional questions or share further information with parents about our health and safety procedures. As the details around this pandemic are always changing, the latest information can be found at the Center for Disease Control and Prevention website. If you have further questions or concerns, please contact us at 913-262-3900. 

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