Our 2022 health and safety protocols will be posted in the spring. In the meantime, our 2021 protocols and FAQs are below.



Youthfront Camps

Youthfront Camp is excited to host youth and the families again this summer! We understand how valuable camp is in developing the faith of students and realize that now, more than ever, students are craving connection with God and community. We plan to host camp with the most updated health and safety measures in place. 

As guidelines evolve, we will continue to work closely with our Medical Director, medical advisory team and local authorities and make the necessary adjustments.


The health & safety of our campers is always our top priority. 

2021 Health & Safety Protocols

Expert Guidance

Our Medical Director, a physician, along with a generous group of other physicians, nurses and lab technicians, volunteer their time to review and guide all of our health protocols. This ensures our health and safety measures at camp are in line with the latest CDC and local recommendations and meet the most reasonable standards.  This team will meet regularly leading up to and during the summer season.  They will guide us in any changes that can or should be made throughout the summer.

Rapid Testing

Prior to checking in to their session of camp, every full-time staff member, Summer Staff, Teen Staff, volunteer and camper will be tested for COVID-19 using a 15-minute Rapid Antigen Test (proof of a COVID-19 vaccine is also accepted). This is a free, self-administered test that will be supervised by one of our trained staff prior to check-in. It uses the gentle swab of the nostrils of less than one inch. (This is NOT the deep, uncomfortable nasal COVID-19 test.)  Additionally, rapid tests will be available at camp in case anyone is in need of testing due to an elevated temperature or showing possible COVID-19 symptoms.  

Mask Protocol

Due to the health screening, program changes and, testing of each person on site prior to entry, masks will only be required during the all-group indoor Chapel times. Day Campers riding the bus to and from Camp LaCygne will wear masks on the bus. 

Cabin Dynamics 

Campers in a cabin will be considered small “family” groups where they will not need to be socially distanced or masked. However, masks will be worn while in the indoor all-group Chapel times among non-cabin mates.

Until further notice, we are strictly limiting outside visitors and vendors on camp property.

Clean Air, Clean Facilities

Some of our program adjustments include more outdoor time for sun and space! Our cabins have been updated with high quality HEPA type air filters in the HVAC systems. We’ve established stringent sanitizing and cleaning protocols throughout camp – from cabins and surfaces to sports equipment.  

Team Training

Each summer, our staff serving at camp have a full two weeks of extensive training on all protocols and safety procedures before campers arrive. Our staff are ready to partner with campers and parents in ensuring everything from consistent hand hygiene to daily health monitoring while at camp.

Hand Hygiene & More

Our staff will oversee strict hand sanitizing procedures with strategically placed hand sanitizing stations throughout camp facilities and programs.  Campers will have their temperatures taken and ensure they sanitize their hands right before going through the buffet line at all meal times.

Health Screening 

In addition to our standard medical questionnaire, all campers will be screened with specific questions regarding COVID-19 before arriving and upon check-in at camp.  Each camper’s temperature will be taken at check-in and on a daily basis during their stay at camp.  Each camper and staff will be given a simple Rapid 15-minute Antigen test prior to entry.  

Parents as Partners  

In the event a student does get ill at camp, our staff and Medical Director have a plan in place for immediate action that includes separation from the group, evaluation by the Camp Wellness Coordinator, rapid testing, and communication to parents.

We’re happy to answer any additional questions or share further information with parents about our health and safety procedures. Please check out the FAQ’s below. We look forward to providing campers a time of fun, faith and friendship in God’s beautiful creation.

*A Note About Vaccines and the Vulnerable:

Our Medical Advisory Team is encouraging each full-time staff, Summer Staff, adult volunteer and camper over the age of 16 to get vaccinated if at all possible at least five weeks before attending Camp.  At a minimum, they advise any vulnerable person in the camper’s household (elderly, immunocompromised, etc.) to get the COVID-19 vaccine as soon as possible. 


Will certain answers on the Covid-19 Health Screen exclude my child?

Just because a particular box is checked on the COVID-19 Health Screen Form doesn’t necessarily mean your child is automatically excluded from camp. It just means you will be redirected to consult with a nurse, medical professional, or our full-time staff about the questions before proceeding to check-in. Please contact us ahead of your session with questions about the form.

The combination of your answers on the COVID-19 health screen along with testing gives us the best chance of ensuring a healthy and safe camp environment.

My child is nervous about the COVID-19 test. Can you tell me more about it?

This is NOT the deep, uncomfortable COVID-19 test in the upper nasal cavity. This is a fast and simple 15-minute antigen test.  The swab is more like a cotton swab (Q-tip) but it is sterile and is only inserted ½”-¾” into each nostril. It is then dipped in a solution that will change color within 15 minutes to indicate a positive or negative result. The test is the  Binaxnow(™) COVID-19 Rapid Antigen Test. You can see the YouTube tutorial on the consumer self-administered version HERE. The nasal swab can be self-administered by the camper.

My child does not want anyone else sticking something in their nose and it could be a deal-breaker for them coming to camp. What should I do?

The nasal swab can be self-administered by the camper. If they still do not want to do the test, you have two options. You may obtain a test at a certified facility, such as one of the many public testing sites or, from your health provider, within three days of attending camp. We cannot accept the self-administered version of a test done at home. Please bring the certified results from your test to camp with you. All other tests must either be performed by a certified facility or under the supervision of our staff on site.

The informed consent for the rapid test says the results are shared with the state. What is that about?

Every U.S. testing facility is required by statute to report the results to that state’s Department of Health for the purposes of contact tracing and determination of viral load in an area.  The only identifying information associated with the test result will be the first and last name and date of birth of the camper, information the state already has if your child has a birth certificate. The contact address and phone will be Youthfront Camp and not your personal address.These rapid tests are being provided free by the Kansas Department of Health & Environment (KDHE), and Youthfront is licensed to do bulk testing and reporting to the KDHE.

What are the protocols if my child has a positive test at check-in? What if there are other campers in the car?

If a camper’s test comes back positive, we’ll run a second confirming test. If that is still positive, you can obtain a more thorough test at a local county facility. If the camper is still positive, he/she and anyone who was exposed to them for more than 10 minutes without wearing a mask, will not be able to attend camp that session and will need to wait at least seven (7) days before returning. 

Unfortunately, if there is one confirmed positive test in a car, we must consider everyone to have been exposed and will not be able to attend that session of camp.  The exception would be if every person in the car had worn a mask on tightly and the exposure was less than 30 minutes. 

What if we refuse to get tested?

Our Medical Advisory Team has recommended that everyone entering camp either (1) be tested upon entry, (2) have proof of a test from another testing facility within three days, (3) have received the vaccine, or (4) have proof of having had COVID-19 within the previous six months via a note from your doctor on their official letterhead.  If you cannot meet one of these requirements, we have to request that you wait and return the following summer. To meet the protocols set by our Medical Advisory Team, these requirements have to be adhered to by all campers, Teen Staff, Summer Staff, camp volunteers and full-time program staff. 

My child is a day camper and will be riding the bus down each day, so will they be tested every day?

Day Campers will be tested on the first day of their session only.   Their temperature will be taken on all the other days, they will wear masks on the bus, and Day Campers will be distanced from any other campers or groups onsite. 

Last year, if my child even felt sick, they had to go home automatically. Will that be true this year?

Not necessarily. We have standing health protocols at camp that will still be followed if one has certain symptoms such as a high fever, vomiting or intense pain. However, if someone has mild symptoms associated with COVID-19, we will retest them with the Rapid Antigen Test. Of course, our staff will be in contact with parents/guardians if there is ever an issue related to a camper’s health. 

How often will my child need to wear a mask at camp?

Not often and only when indoors among non-cabin mates (those not in their “Cabin Family”) for a lengthy period of time. As of June 1st, we are only requiring masks during the all-group indoor Chapel times. No masks will be required outside or in other camp locations. 

Day Campers will wear masks when riding the bus to and from Camp LaCygne. No masks will be required outside. 

Will the COVID-19 and mask wearing protocols change during the summer?

Any changes to COVID-19 or mask wearing protocols at camp would be communicated to parents at least two weeks in advance of a change. Any changes would have to meet state and county guidelines and approval from our Medical Advisory Team.

Will I be able to take my child from camp and return them?

This year you will be able to take your child for a safe activity and return them to camp.  However, anyone leaving the property may need to be retested with the Rapid Antigen Test and this will take an additional 20 minutes while checking them back in.   

If my child has a positive test and can’t attend their session, what happens to the money I paid?

If your child tests positive and we send them home, you will be entitled to either switch your funds to a later session, take a credit on your account for a future session, or request a cash refund.  

Is Youthfront requiring Summer Staff and full-time staff to get a vaccine?

At this time, it is not a requirement for Youthfront staff to be vaccinated in order to be employed.  However, it is encouraged and anyone who is not vaccinated will be tested just like everyone else. 

I still have questions and don’t want to pack-up, drive down only to be turned away. What should I do?

Talk to us! Please carefully read through these FAQs that are being updated regularly. If you still have questions, call Youthfront’s main office at (913) 262-3900 or email us at info@youthfront.com  at least two business days before your session. Our deep desire is for every camper to get to enjoy camp and grow spiritually. We will do everything we can to help you and answer any questions you have! 

Do the cotton swabs used to do the rapid tests have any chemicals on them?

No, the sterile cotton swabs used in the nose are just that – sterile.  There are no chemicals on the swab and no chemicals come in contact with any person.  To maintain the accuracy of the test, only the sterile cotton swab supplied with the test may be used. 

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