Youthfront has been invested in the lives of youth for 75 years and we plan to stay as invested for another 75!  To do that well, we need to hear what you think, in your words, in your voice. This isn’t just to promote camp activities; we want to authentically share with the world how God is working in the lives of our community. Pursuing a life after Jesus isn’t easy or perfect and we don’t want you pretending that it is. We need realness. You are the future leaders of our city and important to us. How you feel really matters. We want to know about your life, how it’s treating you, the struggles you face every day and, how Youthfront can walk alongside you in that journey.

We have 21 questions we’d like you to answer below. All we ask is that you be honest. You can choose to have your responses be anonymous or, if you’d like to share them, let us know. And if you want to take your answers one step further, we can even film you and include your thoughts in our video stories, something other teens have done for the past few years.

Thank you for taking part in 21 Questions! We are grateful for your participation.

21 Questions

  • Please answer the following questions honestly and openly:

  • Thank you!

    We are grateful for your honesty and your answers will help us better understand your life and, how Youthfront can be a healthy and supportive part of it.


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