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75 Weeks and 75 Years: Mac Maser’s Story

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This summer, we discovered an amazing story about one of our long-time staffers. After the last week of camp this year, Mac Maser finished his 75th week of working at Youthfront during our 75th anniversary year. Pretty cool, huh? As the Teen Staff Director at Camp West, Mac has a passion for serving youth. So why is this 24-year-old drawn to a 75-year-old organization?

Mac’s Story:

“This year as we celebrate 75 years of ministry as an organization, I personally got to celebrate my 75th week of being on staff at camp during Session 10. Through my combined time volunteer cabin leading, being on Summer Staff, and being the full-time Teen Staff Director at Youthfront Camp West, this celebration is an impactful reminder of how pivotal Youthfront has been in the formation of my faith and my relationships with the people and world around me.

As I’ve reflected on my time at Youthfront, going back to 2008 when I started as a camper in eighth grade, the biggest question I’ve asked myself is why – why have I kept coming back for so many years? Why did I choose this as a career? Why am I an advocate for the ministry that Youthfront does?

Youthfront is where I first gave my life to Christ, it is where I first learned what it looks like to live in healthy fellowship with other Christians, it is where I have learned a lot of ways in which I struggle living out being a Christian in my everyday life. It is where I was baptized and it is where I met many of my best friends. I can confidently say I have experienced the potential Youthfront has for impacting the lives of both students and adults, which is why it’s so easy for me to invest so much of myself into supporting it.

As one of the directors of our Teen Staff program, I feel the greatest amount of joy working at Youthfront because of them. I unbiasedly believe that Teen Staff is a fantastic reflection of the culture Youthfront tries to cultivate in the lives of young people. Teen Staff is a program where high school students learn together through community and purposeful reflection about what it means to love Jesus and others through service.

From the outside, it seems like any other volunteer opportunity, but the students have made it into a close and loving family. High school students have so much influence with their actions and words. They can make a newcomer feel outcast or welcome, a shy student feel shame for not participating or encouraged to share as much as they’re comfortable with. Teen Staff students are so good at choosing love over hate and inclusion over exclusion, which is a beautiful depiction of a community centered on Christ.

Youthfront has been a significant part of my life because it has continually been a safe place to grow in my faith, watch young people learn about Christ, and find their identity in Him. I’m blessed to be a part of this ministry 75 years after its origin and I’m hopeful about the impact it will continue to have in the future.”

Mac Maser, Teen Staff Director at Camp West


Are you interested in learning more about Youthfront’s 75th anniversary gala?
Visit our website: https://youthfront.com/imagine75galafundraiser/

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