We believe God is always preceding. Our number one priority is to abide in God. Prayer is not just something we do, but a Person we are with.

1. We practice Midday prayer together Monday through Friday.
2. We begin meetings acknowledging God’s presence and attempt to join the Holy Spirit in God’s Mission.
3. We go on spiritual retreat at least once a year.


We are committed to loving and caring for one another. We believe the way we love one another is a sign and foretaste of the Kingdom of God and a witness to the world.

1. We start our week off together in prayer, storytelling and scripture reading.
2. We encourage one another to share lunch together in the staff commons.
3. We seek to love and honor one another by following our interpersonal values.
4. We gather together monthly to play, laugh, share stories, eat, drink and experience God together through a variety of spiritual practices.
5. We get away for an annual staff retreat.


We are committed to bearing witness to the great Good News of Jesus Christ in our words and actions. We want to make room for others that they may experience the reality of Jesus in our midst.

1. We engage in times of intentional theological reflection concerning our ministry service and allow our ministry/service to inform our theological reflection.
2. We engage in the practice of silence and discernment in the context of thinking about, reflecting and planning our service and ministry efforts
3. We create space for those we serve to tell their story, as we strive to have our ministry/service to the other come from a place of true empathy and love instead of from a position of superiority.
4. We endeavor to serve and minister to others by learning from the other, reading their perspectives and reading the Bible over and against ourselves in order to understand the heart of God.
5. We participate in staff training opportunities that help us learn what it means to follow God in the way of Jesus Christ, who came not to be served but to serve and pour out his life for others.

In 75 years of ministry, Youthfront has engaged in many programs, ways of serving and ministry opportunities. Currently, we are serving through:

Youthfront Camp
Mission opportunities in Croc, Mexico and the Argentine District
Something to Eat
Youth Worker Training and Coaching
Leadership and Discipleship programs (Teen Staff, Summer Staff)

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