A brief overview of our organization.

JUNE 19, 1943
KCYFC, Kansas City Youth for Christ, (now called Youthfront) founders, Dr. Al and Vidy held the first Saturday event.

September 17, 1966
1,600 seat Auditorium on Rainbow Boulevard was dedicated.

July 6, 1970
Circle-C Camp opened for its first season (Circle-C now called Youthfront Camp West).

May 5, 1973
Super Rally in Kaufman Stadium (“The K”). 38,651 attended.

December 15, 1978
TV-50 went on the air (TV-50 was sold in 1997 so that Youthfront could focus on youth ministry).

June 7, 1982
L-Bar-C Camp opened for its first season (L-Bar-C now called Youthfront LaCygne).

May, 1986
LIGHT House is dedicated, a home for women with unwanted pregnancies.
(The LIGHT House was given “birth” to become its own organization in 1990).

July 1, 1988
First Youthfront Student Missions trip. Since this beginning, well over 250,000 people have been ministered to in Brazil, Honduras, Romania, Hungary, Israel, Ireland, Poland, Hong Kong, China, Jamaica, and Russia. Also, in Jamaica many homes have been built by students.

March 6, 1993
Youthfront sponsored “See You At The Party” in KC’s Bartle Hall, hosting 12,000 students.

June 1993
20,000 Bibles in the Russian language and other biblical literature were handed out in Moscow by Youthfront Missions team members.

June 1994/1996
Bread (Bibles) was taken into Communist China by “Donkeys” (teenagers on Youthfront Missions Team).

Winter 1997
Youthfront began the Youthfront International Training Conferences (YFIT). Over 1,000 youth workers, from 23 countries have been trained in effective youth ministry methods. Conferences have been held in Hong Kong, Romania, St. Lucia, Jamaica, Hungary, and Cuba.

Fall 1997
Construction begins at Circle-C. All 15 cabins are demolished and rebuilt in the “Revive-Restore-Renew” campaign. The Snack Shop and cabins at L-Bar-C get a face-lift.

Youthfront organizes church youth worker networks (Youthfront Alliance) throughout Kansas City. Through these networks Equal Access Clubs are initiated by students on school campuses. Students are being encouraged and motivated to create positive peer pressure on their schools’ campuses. The basis for Club121.

KCYFC begins the transition to a new name, Youthfront, and moves from being a parachurch ministry to a church assisting ministry. Over 200 churches participating in Youthfront Alliance, and over 100 schools have a Club121. Impact recording record numbers of students in attendance and a record breaking number of students register for Camp, more than 4,500!

April 8, 2000
Over 1,300 young people serve in the first annual Youthfront Serve Day.

Summer 2000-2003
Youthfront staff will be sent to Monterrey, Mexico and Harmons, Jamaica to facilitate ten weeks of mission work for youth groups from Kansas City. While there they will build homes and serve the poor. Church youth groups from Kansas City will each serve one to two weeks and then pass the baton of service to the next group arriving.

September 2007
Sonlife Ministries merges with Youthfront.

Feed the Hunger (now called Something to Eat) is born out of a desire to follow Jesus’s example of feeding the hungry and caring for the poor. Meals are packaged and sent to impoverished people in Central Africa as Youthfront begins to lead young people in exploring their own spiritual hunger.

Feed the Hunger is renamed Something to Eat and continues to grow nationally. More than 750,000 meals have now been packaged and sent to Haiti. Churches and ministry groups across the US begin to catch the vision for providing impoverished people Something to Eat.

Youthfront hosts a “Kansas City Youth for Christ” reunion celebrating 70 years of ministry.

The Activity Center at Youthfront Camp West is demolished and rebuilt. Summer camp sessions continue to sell out and Youthfront hosts a record number of church and youth worker retreats in the off season.

Youthfront expands its Justice Initiatives and begins working closely with the Franklin Center, aiding in the restoration process for the historic building in the Argentine neighborhood of Kansas City, KS.

The Chapel at Youthfront Camp West undergoes a full remodel over winter, and debuts a new look for summer 2015.

Youthfront prepares to celebrate its 75th anniversary in 2018 and will open a new headquarters building at 46th and Rainbow, across from its original auditorium location.


Youthfront completes its 75th anniversary year. A grand opening of its new headquarters is slated for June 20, 2019.

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