Use Your 2020 Program Credit (payment voucher) to Purchase Tickets

Do you have payment voucher from last summer? You can use your credit to purchase tickets for Christmas at Camp. Read below for instructions on how to look up your payment voucher amount and then how to use it to purchase your tickets.

How do I find out how much my payment voucher is for?

Login to your camper account and look at the financial section of your dashboard.

This section will show both the amount for the camper pulled up and the total payment voucher amount for your family (if you have multiple campers with payment vouchers).

How do I register for Christmas at Camp using our payment voucher?

1.) Click Add New Program in the Enrollment section

2.) Enter christmas as Group Hold Registration ID

3.) Select which day(s) you would like to purchase tickets for Christmas at Camp for

4.) Enter # of tickets you would like to purchase

5.) Review selections

Once you have added tickets for the correct day and are back at the camper dashboard you can pay for your tickets using your Payment Voucher

1.) Click Make Payment in the Financial section

2.) You will get a pop-up asking if you would like to use your payment voucher. Click Use Payment Voucher

3.) Enter the appropriate amount that you would like to use and click Process Voucher

4.) Confirm use of payment voucher!

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