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Elizabeth’s Story

Elizabeth is a senior in high school. She was a camper and Teen Staffer for the first time this summer and she took some time to share her story with us.

Q: How did you hear about Youthfront?
A: I have a bunch of friends who Teen Staff and who’ve camped here since like 3rd grade. My church is involved in Youthfront too, and we have a fall retreat at Youthfront Camp West.

Q: What aspects of Youthfront were you attracted to, and why did you want to come to this camp?
A: My first reason why was because I had heard so many good things about it. All of my friends come home from camp or from Teen Staff just raving about it, and I was like ‘Man, I want to try that.’ Once I camped though, I realized that this is a really good way to be spiritually formed and live in community—especially with Teen Staff. We’re all really closely knit, even by the second day. We’re just constantly refining each other and reading the Bible together and living in community; I just love it. As soon as I did my first week of Teen Staff, I was like ‘Ok, how many more can I sign up for?’

Q: What aspects would you share about Youthfront to those who had never been here before?
A: I think my favorite thing about it is just the community; you’re always together, and you can really become close to people so quickly. You’re always with people who will benefit your character instead of ruin it. I just love being in a community and always being around people who are just like me—not just like me in the bad sense, but the good—we have faith in common, but not much else. It’s a great chance to branch out and meet people who go to different schools, especially since I’m Homeschooled; now I have friends who live way farther than my school district, and they’re awesome!

Q: What’s something you’ve learned this summer?
A: The Teen Staff Supervisors are in charge of us and they disciple us, and one thing that has been emphasized a lot is how anything can be a spiritual discipline; if you devote it to God, you can use that to glorify Him. So this work—it’s grueling and I’m sweating, but if I glorify God through it, that’s very valuable. Or anything—talking together, drawing, going on walks, anything if you’re devoting it to God.

Q: What did you want to get out of this experience as a Teen Staffer this summer?
A: I guess to just know at the end of the summer that I was able to serve so many people. One thing that I really liked when I was filling out the application is just the idea that I could be in a community with other believers and then serve for the community. Probably my number one thing was how I could serve something greater than just my church’s nursery. I like how I can come here and there’s people from different cities, and I met someone who had an Australian accent last week! One of my goals for the summer is to be the Teen Staffer that makes the campers want to Teen Staff once they’re old enough; it’s just the little stuff like bringing their food to them, or timing them when they come down the waterslide, or just engaging with them when your out on the lifeguard stand having a conversation, instead of just being there doing your job thinking, ‘Oh, I hate this.’ Just be joyful in your work, and it shows to other people!

Elizabeth Stublen, Teen Staff

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