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About Us

Greg, Dawn, Abby & Anna


Hello! After a successful 25 year professional career, I now have the opportunity to spend my time serving in a way that I have always desired and hoped for in this later stage of life. And best of all, it is with my family and Youthfront. My desire to serve others and feel that my work is purposeful and kingdom-driven has come and I couldn’t be more excited!

My wife, Dawn, is finishing her Master’s degree in Early Childhood Special Education during the summer of 2022 and will join the teaching team at Spring Hill Early Learning Academy in the Fall of 2022.

We have two daughters, Anna and Abby that are currently in middle school. Anna and Abby stay busy with their activities, which include dance, cross-country, soccer, music lessons, spending time with friends and youth group. Anna had the opportunity to spend a week at camp last summer, and the girls look forward to our second camp season.

My Youthfront Story

Dipping our toes in the Circle C pool! 


I learned more about Youthfront through a friend from church, Matt Saunders, the Youthfront Camp West Director. Originally, I was looking for a place to serve and I asked Matt if I could come out for a visit and learn more about what he does at Youthfront. One God-moment led to another and I had the privilege of coming on staff in the summer of 2021 at Youthfront West as the Facilities Manager. I am now beginning my second year with Youthfront.

We all love bringing family, friends and our supporters out to camp to explore the grounds, swim, visit the Snack Shop, game room, and enjoy the view from the activity center deck when the campers are busy on other adventures, or on breaks between sessions. We all look forward to continuing to build relationships and making memories at camp this coming year.


My Ministry

2021 Camp curriculum


I truly find joy in serving as the Facilities Manager at Youthfront Camp West. I am able to be outdoors in nature, be part of a team that shares the same vision and calling for their lives as I do. I get to walk alongside Teen Staff, Summer Staff, Full Time Staff and Campers. Best of all, I get a front-row seat to witness the Gospel being shared and presented to youth in a way that is fun, exciting, loving and true. My wife Dawn and daughters Anna and Abby, embrace this opportunity with me and support me as I step into this life-changing and enriching role.




We invite you to come out for a visit and let us show you around the amazing grounds and facilities that I am blessed to maintain. It is a God-sized job, but He is definitely big enough to handle it. It was a faith step for us to say “yes” to Youthfront, and there is such sweetness in trusting Him.

As an aspect of my responsibilities at Youthfront, I fundraise to support the ministry and a portion of my salary. Through the gracious giving of partners in this work, I am heading into this new adventure. Thank you for considering an investment in my work and our family. We are asking for support through prayer, fellowship, and giving. You can support our ministry with a one-time or monthly donation.

Additionally, we are hoping to gather a community of spiritual support as we navigate this new adventure. We will be sending out regular updates to both our spiritual and financial supporters. If you are interested in being included in our community of supporters, please reach out to me:



We are grateful you are prayerfully considering supporting us. Please click here to learn more.

Thank you!

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