High School Ministry Fundraising Form

If you want to fundraise for our High School Programs, please fill out this form to the best of your ability. You have the opportunity to raise funds for any one experience or all experiences within our High School Ministry. The more detailed your descriptions are, the more well-rounded your support page will be. Please give us a couple days to create your page after you have submitted the form.
  • Max. file size: 64 MB.
  • How many weeks do you anticipate serving this summer?
  • This could be any of the Youthfront programs: Teen Staff, camp, retreats, missional journeys, Something to Eat, etc. What do you enjoy about it? Why are you invested in it? What would you tell your friend if you were trying to convince them to participate? etc.
  • For example: The Teen Staff program centers around service and the main way I get to do that is by serving campers during Youthfront's Summer Camp season. As a Teen Staff, I can work at camp for one or multiple weeks as someone who helps the camp function. This means I can help run the ropes course, serve food and drinks in the snack shop, help cook or clean in the kitchen, and so many other roles. A great part of being on Teen Staff is that I get to experience all the growth and fun that comes with camp, and it costs less than if I were to attend as a camper. In order to help cover the costs of food and housing for each week I serve, I pay $25. This coming summer, I'm planning on serving ____ weeks at Youthfront which means it will cost me $____. Please consider partnering with me in my ministry by supporting me financially for one week of Teen Staff (or however many you feel led to). Thank you!
  • This is not about why you are asking for their support financially, but about why you want to participate. Why do you want to go to Croc or a retreat or be on Teen Staff? What do you hope to gain from the experience? What has drawn you to sign up in the first place? How will their partnership impact you, your relationship with them, your experience?
  • This could be a thank you for taking the time to read the page and consider joining. What follow-up you will have with them if they support you (thank you letter, picture from the summer, souvenir from Croc)? What will you do if they want more information or have any questions, etc.
  • If you are only partially fundraising for something, what is your financial goal? If you would like your information in a certain order, please describe that. Anything else you can think of that the prompts missed.

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