ImagineX Curriculum Overview

This curriculum is broken up into twelve different sessions that can be done twelve weeks in a row, once a week for 1 hour and 30 min sessions or two times a week for 45 minutes each.

Session 1: Team Building, Personal Introductions, Introduction to changemakers.

Purpose: Students should leave session one knowing everyone in the group.  This session focuses on beginning to form team-building skills, and students will learn what it means to be a changemaker.

Session 2: Team Building, CSI, Reverse Musical Chairs

Purpose: Students will leave session two knowing everyone in the group on a deeper level.  They will continue to develop their team-building skills, and students will leave with the understanding that we need everyone on the team.

Session 3:  Butterfly Circus, Gifts of Head, Hands, Heart, Changemaker Spotlight

Purpose: In this session students will leave with an understanding of their own unique gifts and talents and how all their unique gifts can work together to form a strong team.

Session 4:  Looking outside ourselves,  Magic Wand Activity, Magic Wand Homework

Purpose: Students will leave this session being able to identify the places of pain and joy in their school, family, community, etc. They will also begin to imagine what these places could look like if they worked together to bring positive change to the places of pain.

Session 5:  Negative/Positive things in our community, Review Magic Wand

Purpose: Students will continue the process of identifying both the positive and negative things they and others have identified in their community, school, etc. through the magic wand activity from session 4.  They will also begin to think of solutions in order to transform the negative/places of pain that have been identified into something positive.

Session 6: Prototyping, Value Proposition/Mission Statement Work 

Purpose:  In this session, students will work together to come up with a few prototypes of solutions to the problems they identified in previous sessions.  They will work together through a process of elimination to identify the one problem they would like to bring positive change to. They will begin to write their Value Proposition/Mission Statement for their idea.  

Session 7: Finalize Mission Statement/Business Idea, Customer Segment

  Purpose:  In this session, students will finalize their value proposition/mission statement for their venture and begin to work on customer profiles in order to identify how different people/customers will relate to their idea.

 Session 8: Customer Segments and Naming Venture 

Purpose:  In this session, students will continue to explore customer relations in order to continue to fully develop their venture.  They will also spend time creating a name for their business/project.

Session 9 & 10: Business Canvas

Purpose: In session 9 & 10 students will work through all parts of the business canvas below.  This will help them be aware of everything they will need to take into consideration when launching their venture.

Session 11: Pitch Preparation & Pitch Night 

Purpose: Session 11 is dedicated to preparing to share their venture with the public.  They will spend time practicing their pitch to present it to the public.

Session 12: Debrief, Celebration, & Next Steps

Purpose: Session 12 is focused on Celebrating the hard work the students have done in the past eleven weeks.  It is also a time to reflect on all of the work and talk about what the next steps are in order to implement their idea.

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