You’ve seen the videos on social media of people doing amazing things to bless their neighbors.  They’re dusting off sewing machines to make masks to help out frontline workers.  They’re doing driveway recitals to bring beauty into the ugliness of this crisis.  They’re running errands for the elderly to make us not feel so lonely even in our aloneness.  As the virus spreads around us, we’re witnessing creativity and compassion go viral too.  


  • Maybe you’re wondering what your part is.  Like you’re missing out.  Like you want to do SOMETHING, you just don’t know what that is or where to start.  The ImagineX Challenge is designed for you.  


  • Over the last five years, Youthfront has launched ImagineX action teams all around our city. They have created innovative solutions to the challenges they care most about–like Snack Shack KC, where youth turned an empty storefront into a safe and fun afterschool hangout.  They dreamed of what their neighborhood could look like and they brought that vision to life. This creativity is inspiring and we want to help you discover how your deepest passions can intersect with the deepest pains of this pandemic.



You can join us. We’re inviting you to gather your family, a group of friends, or maybe your church youth group to take the ImagineX Challenge.  Five short sessions combine videos, reflection questions and challenges to get you off the couch and inspire and equip you to take your unique gifts from the sidelines to the front lines.



Don’t let this moment pass you by.  Your neighbors need you.  Front line workers need you.  The most vulnerable in our city needs you.  YOU need you to do something.  Months from now, years from now, when we look back on this crisis, what’s the story they’re going to tell about you?  Start writing it today.  Take the ImagineX Challenge.  


Get started with the Challenge Manual and click through the session videos! 

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