Connecting youth’s passions to the world’s problems for new possibilities.



We empower and equip youth to bring innovative solutions to the social challenges they care about most.

ImagineX is a school campus-based, youth social entrepreneurship program.  We empower youth to form action teams to create solutions for the social challenges they care most about.  We help youth discover where the pains of their world intersect with their deepest passions and values. Then we guide them through an entrepreneurial process to turn their dreams into actionable ventures.


We want to spark a movement of youth who are empowered and equipped to create ventures that confront the most pressing challenges facing their communities.  We envision 40-50 ventures launched on 20 middle and high school campuses throughout the KC metro area within 2 years.

Our Primary Customer:

Schools, churches, civic organizations, and businesses who have an affinity in one or more of the following areas:

    • •   Faith-friendly/Neutral Convener understanding and have an interest in a new expression of a Christian campus club.

    • •   Have an existing interest in youth social entrepreneurship.

    • •   Want to bring a new focus or direction to an existing campus club.

    • •   Churches (leadership and parishioners).

    • •   Local businesses and civic organizations as mentors for the project/business.

    • •   School, student advocates may be administrators, teachers or auxiliary staff.

Previous ImagineX Ventures

ImagineXargentine students established the Snack Shack KC and Boredom Busters, now both providing a year-round presence and volunteer-run hang out space for kids in the neighborhood. These ingenious and progressive teams work together to first, see the need and then, find a solution.


On July 18, the 2019 group, comprised of middle school students, presented their solution to a need in the Argentine community: “City Splash”, a pop-up spray park concept. Water fun and swimming in Wyandotte County is hard to come by with only one public swimming pool. This park will not only offer a welcome relief from the Midwest heat but also be a safe and fun gathering place for Argentine youth.

The students creatively presented their concept to a room of city leaders, business owners, friends and families. They shared their business plan for “bringing fun, portable water oases to KC’s swimming pool deserts.” It was a proud moment for their mentors and supporters to see the enthusiasm and excitement in the room.

The students have already raised almost half of the $4,500 they need in start-up funding for City Splash, but more help is needed. If you would like to be a business mentor or contribute to support their venture, please consider donating to the program and learning how you can be involved.


Watch the Boredom Busters video!

Snack Shack KC was the inaugural venture of the Youth Social Entrepreneurship Program. What started as a dream for 4 high school students has now turned into a living, breathing entrepreneurial process and a successful concept that has brought the parents and youth of the Argentine neighborhood together.

With Youthfront and The Franklin Center partnering together, Snack Shack KC acts as an after-school program for youth. Located in the Argentine neighborhood of Kansas City, KS, Snack Shack has sparked positive social change since first opening its doors in 2017. On average, there are at least 75 students who visit the location every day. Director of Community Programming Amber Booth has witnessed how the Snack Shack KC mission has pulled community members closer together.

“Each week we are seeing new and different students. We are slowly seeing more families coming too as a place to hang out as families where they can buy snacks and play games,” Booth said.

What really works for this new program has been the peer influencers in the community. More and more students are bringing friends to experience the fun and casual atmosphere.

“It functions a lot like a coffee shop,” Booth said. “Kids come in and buy their snack and hang out. We engage them in conversation, play a game with them, help with homework.” The youth team that created Snack Shack KC has worked extremely hard to create a space that will be beneficial for the entire Argentine community and offer a safe and fun place for kids to gather.

Interested in being an adult volunteer or donating goods, services, etc. to Snack Shack KC? Contact Amber Booth for more details:

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