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Hi, I’m Katie! I grew up in Augusta, Kansas, a small town just outside of Wichita. A lot of people describe themselves as growing up in the church, but I describe my life story as growing up in youth ministry. My dad was a youth pastor for over 30 years. My first mission trip was to Mexico at the age of seven with my dad’s youth group. Knowing from a young age that God was also calling me into ministry, I went on to obtain a Bachelor of Arts degree in Religion & Philosophy from Friends University. At Friends, I met my husband Aaron. Aaron and I attended seminary together at Baylor University (George W. Truett Theological Seminary) in Waco, TX, graduating with a Master of Divinity degree in youth, student, and family ministry. For the past eight years since leaving seminary, I have been a full time youth pastor in the local church in Louisiana and Texas. My husband has worked as a hospital and hospice chaplain, but more recently as a licensed professional therapist. In addition to being a pastor, I have the privilege of being “mama” to two sweet little girls: Chaney Rae (5 years old) and Maebree Lois (15 months). We also have a pup, an Australian Shepherd, named Ruby Lou. When I’m not changing diapers, I love to work out, cook (and eat!), drink a good cup of coffee, and hang out with my friends.





I love the awkwardness of middle schoolers, their fun-loving personalities, and the deep questions they ask that stump even seminary professors. I love the hopefulness high schoolers bring to the table, the way they are eager to grow, and how they wait in readiness to be empowered and set free to lead change. I love the space college students dwell — identity formation — figuring out who they are, where they belong, and what their purpose is. As a pastor and leader, these are my people. I want to hang out with them because they teach me a lot about Jesus. In their presence, I am constantly reminded to laugh, have fun, ask the hard questions, and to live authentically in the world. When Jesus said, “let the little children come to me,” I think Jesus was letting us know who he wanted to be around and where he wanted to spend his time — with the kids. I think if Jesus were in our churches, he would be found in the youth room playing foosball or in the playground climbing up the slide. I don’t know about you, but I want to be wherever Jesus is. I’m super thankful God made this one easy for me, placing me with this incredible calling and opportunity called youth ministry.

In between a jello slip n’ slide, water balloon war, and glow in the dark capture the flag, God called me into youth ministry. I was a junior in high school at summer camp on the campus of Ottawa University, where my dad was the camp director. Camp has been a significant part of my spiritual formation, both as a teenager and as a youth pastor. In the New Testament, we see Jesus “going up on a mountain to pray.” Throughout the Scriptures, multiple people have encounters with God on mountaintops (Moses, Elijah, Jesus’ disciples). For me, camp was this sort of “mountaintop” experience. Camp pulled me away from distractions and my daily routine to place me in a unique space to meet with God. Camp is different than pretty much anything else we do in the year. In almost every youth ministry, camp is the commonality. Why? Because going to the mountaintop changes us; meeting with God changes us. The pilgrimage of going to camp and the daily rhythm of camp places us in positions to experience similar holy encounters with God that Christians have been experiencing for centuries. I am excited to enter into a new season of ministry at Youthfront, an organization whose core focus is not only creating a fun camp, but intentionally crafting meaningful spaces where young people can meet with God.

As part of my responsibility at Youthfront, I am fundraising to support the ministry and a portion of my salary.  There are multiple ways to support and partner with me in this: prayer, community, and giving. I not only want to raise support financially, but also gain a community of supporters through friendship, mentorship, and prayer. I will be sending out regular newsletters, keeping you updated on what’s happening in my ministry world and also my life in and outside of Youthfront. You can also support me monthly or through a one-time gift. Thank you so much for considering a partnership with me! And if you have questions, please reach out to me: kmussat@youthfront.com


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