Thank you so much for coming to read a part of my story – I would be honored to hear yours! I grew up in the Kansas City area for most of my life with my family, going to church here and forming friendships that continue to grow. I went to school at K-State to study Elementary Education and moved into a job as a first grade teacher after graduation. I spent two years in the classroom, and now I’m working here at Youthfront as the Day Camp Director. In life outside of work, my time is spent reading, outside exploring, being with friends, or with my goldendoodle, Isla (she is the best!). Learning about people is something I thrive in. I love listening to stories, learning about what drives and motivates someone, and their thoughts and perspectives on the world around them. 

As a freshman in college working on an Elementary Education degree, I knew I wanted to work at a camp over the following summer. I had a few connections from Youthfront and loved that it was close to home, so I applied and accepted a job as a Cabin Leader at Youthfront Camp West in Edgerton, Kansas. As the summer started, I quickly knew that the whole experience was something I was growing to love deeply. Spending time with middle schoolers, hearing about their lives, and growing with them was so fun and life-giving. I spent another summer cabin leading after that. The next three summers, I was a Cabin Leader Supervisor, getting to pour into and be poured into by the cabin leader group. This took me past my first year of teaching, but I just couldn’t stay away from camp! As the years passed at Youthfront, people continued to tell me that I would know when my time was done, and I just never felt that, so moving into 2020, I began having conversations about continuing on with Youthfront full-time. This led me to the Day Camp world. I spent the summer of 2020 leading Day Camp at Youthfront Camp LaCygne and seeing if this was where I wanted to be full-time. It only took about one week of camp and I fell in love with the Day Camp program. I have continued on there and have spent two summers as the Day Camp Director. I work  with elementary-aged campers, play with them, talk with them, and watch them discover the world. It brings me so much life.

Working for an organization like Youthfront, my job is specifically centered around summer camp. I get to spend three months of the year on-site at Youthfront Camp LaCygne where I work directing the Day Camp program each day throughout the summer. This gives me the opportunity to not only pour into elementary-aged campers but also to invest and support the lives of the many college students who work alongside me each summer. Throughout the year, much of my time will be spent planning and preparing for the summer session. This includes, preparing and managing the day-to-day camp schedule, recruiting summer staff, creating and writing camp curriculum, building experiences for campers centered around Jesus and the camp theme, and personal growth through various leadership trainings. I am able to use the schooling I received in Elementary Education and my gifts working with young kids to really bring intentionality and life into the Day Camp program. I really believe in the mission and vision of Youthfront as we seek to bring kids into a growing relationship with Christ and, bring them into a place of love, no matter what their story may be.

As part of my responsibility at Youthfront, I am fundraising to support the ministry and a portion of my salary. Through the support and generous giving of others, I am able to fully and deeply lean into the ministry of Day Camp. There are multiple ways to support and partner with me in this: prayer, community, and giving. I not only want to raise support financially, but also gain a community of supporters through friendship, mentorship, and prayer. I will be sending out regular newsletters, keeping you updated on what’s happening in the world of Day Camp, and also my life in and outside of Youthfront. You can also support me monthly or through a one-time gift. Thank you so much for considering a partnership with me! And if you have questions, please reach out to me:

I’m grateful that you are prayerfully considering a financial gift. Please click here to learn more. Thank you!

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