Experience and Celebrate all that’s Good in Argentine!



Youthfront’s community development site in the Argentine neighborhood of Kansas City, KS, began more than five years ago when Youthfront piloted Imagine Argentine, a program sparking middle schoolers to be passionate changemakers in their community. 

The Argentine neighborhood of Kansas City, Kansas, has a highly diverse student population where many students come from first-generation or immigrant families. In Argentine, nearly half of children under 18 live under the poverty line, and 97 percent qualify for free or reduced lunch. Young people in Argentine also face educational challenges, as only 10 percent are at grade-level standards in math and 12 percent in science. Youthfront’s partnerships with local ministries and leaders shape programs to meet neighborhood needs.

That inaugural group of Imagine Argentine youth tackled their biggest concern: the need for a safe place to hang out. The Shack Shack KC was born. Once envisioned as a summer initiative, Youthfront responded to the community need for Snack Shack to operate year-round and as an after-school program. Today, the site hosts virtual Learning Pods and cohorts of youth entrepreneurs as  a safe hangout anchor in the neighborhood. 

When you sign up for a week in the Argentine neighborhood, you’re committing to a week of learning, hard work, and community.

Whether you live or not in Kansas City, spending a week in the neighborhood will allow you to have a deeper insight to the lives of millions of people living in the margins in the US. This experience is key not only to understand and empathize with those less privileged than us, but also to learn from them, and make this journey a two-way street.


Youthfront offers a variety of formats and lengths to meet the needs of various youth and church groups. We can customize your trip format and experiences to meet your formational and group goals as well as any budgetary considerations.

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