Missional Journeys:  shaping desire for a reconciled world

“Serving others is good. It’s a start. But it’s just the hallway that leads to the Grand Ballroom of kinship with others.” – Fr. Greg Boyle, Homeboy Industries.

“If you’ve come here to help me, you’re wasting your time.  But if you realize your liberation is tied to mine, then let’s work together.”  – Lila Watson, aboriginal activist

Building together for tomorrow

Youthfront Missional Journeys are about shaping the desire of youth for a more just and reconciled world through intercultural, Christian formation experiences. We attempt to align hands-on work activities with long-term efforts of Christian community development in Croc, Mexico and the Argentine neighborhood of Kansas City, Kansas so that we participate in real, lasting good.

Croc, Mexico

Croc, Mexico

Croc used to be a rural community that was distant both culturally and geographically from the city of Monterrey, Mexico which now feels the city and its fast-growing industry nipping at its toes.  It’s amazing to see how this town and how Youthfront’s ministry have changed over the past 14 years, becoming much more complex and sophisticated as locals have taken leadership.  Our after-school program provides kids in Croc with fun activities and additional classroom time where they can wonder at God’s world and know their place within God’s mission.

On a Youthfront Missional Journey in Croc, your hands-on work will be helping to host an exciting summer camp for local kids, preparing fun games, workshops, and lessons.  Additionally, you’ll work alongside locals to transform our afterschool program facilities into an all-day school.  Not only will this help give kids a more quality education in subjects like math and Spanish, but they’ll also better understand themselves, one another, and the world in which God has placed them.

Snapshot of a Day in Croc:


8:00 am – Breakfast at church

8:45 am – Morning prayer

9:00 am – Prepare for day camp activities at El Club

10:00 am – Children arrive for camp

10:15 am – Singing & games

11:00 am – Nature walk discovery & lesson on stewarding God’s creation

12:00 pm – Midday prayer & lunch at El Club

1:00 pm – Trash pickup on streets of Croc

2:00 pm – “Trash to treasure” art project

2:30 pm – Lesson on being restorers of the broken

3:00 pm – Snack time

3:15 pm – Games and playground time with kids

4:00 pm – Dismiss kids & free time to relax

6:00 pm – Dinner at church

7:00 pm – Home visits with Coke & cookies

9:30 pm – Evening prayer of review

10:00 pm – Chill in dorms

11:00 pm – Lights out

2020 Dates Coming Soon! 

Argentine/Kansas City, KS

Argentine Neighborhood of Kansas City, Kansas

Argentine is an ethnically-diverse neighborhood that is mostly Hispanic.  It’s a working-class kind of neighborhood with many young families and immigrants from Mexico.  Argentine has a lot going for it with new efforts at revitalization that are helping to change it for the better, but like many under-resourced, urban neighborhoods, it has familiar problems of racial divisions and blight.

Hands-on work during a Youthfront Missional Journey in Argentine will include painting, clean up and minor home repair.  Last year, some of our neighborhood partners helped provide financing for immigrant neighbors so that they could become homeowners.  We helped paint those houses and were part of a story of bringing beauty and stability to our neighborhood.

Snapshot of a Day in Argentine:

8:00 am – Breakfast at the church

8:45 am – Morning prayer

9:00 am – “Take a Step” experience & Bible discussion on inequality

10:00 am – Paint at Armando’s house with Argentine youth

12:00 pm – Midday prayer and lunch

1:00 pm – Clear vacant lot with Argentine youth

4:00 pm – Put away tools and clean up

5:00 pm – Swim and shower at the aquatic center

6:30 pm – Dinner at El Torito Mexican restaurant

8:00 pm – Watch The Stranger documentary & discussion on immigration

9:30 pm – Evening Prayer of Review

10:00 pm – Chill

11:00 pm – Lights out

More Information:

2020 Dates Coming Soon! 

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