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I’ve been camping at Youthfront since I was a little kid. I remember always having the time of my life while I was a camper. After that, I Teen Staffed, and that introduced me to an unbelievable community. I have never felt so loved by a group of people before. It really showed me what a community centered around Christ looks like.

As I entered college, I applied to be a Cabin Leader and got the job. Cabin Leading taught me how to humble myself, and make the camp experience all about the campers. Through Youthfront, I have seen many role models, and they showed me how to become the man of Christ I am today. And thanks to Cabin Leading, I can do the same for my campers. And that can be something kind of strange for me.

I remember as a camper looking up to my cabin leaders so much, and I did the same for my supervisors when I Teen Staffed. I never thought I would be in the position to lead kids like my cabin leaders did for me. But God works in mysterious ways. Nothing gives me more life than bringing these campers closer to Christ. Cabin leading showed me that God is calling me to be a light through my leadership. And I’m not the only one on staff that feels this way. Our staff is filled with so many leaders and role models, it’s hard to be here without feeling closer to Christ.

Youthfront has built a foundation on community. We live with each other, walk with Christ with each other, and love each other. We’re not friends, we are a family growing through our journey of life together. I thank God every day for bringing Youthfront into my life, and giving me not only maturity through Christ, but giving me a family that is always there for me.

Nate Gillilan, Cabin Leader at Youthfront Camp West

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