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I began camping at Youthfront Camp West when I was in third grade, and have continued coming back to camp every summer since. As a camper, I cherished the week that I would spend at camp each summer, and looked forward to returning throughout the school year. Being a camper was something I shared with my friends from school, and we talked about our experiences well into the school year. I admired my cabin leaders, and loved the centrality of fun and community that came with being at camp.

As a high school student, I began my time as a Teen Staff volunteer at West, and continued camping at Youthfront Camp South (now LaCygne). I worked in the kitchen, lifeguarded, and helped out at the ropes course as a volunteer. While I had many amazing weeks as a camper, the time I spent on Teen Staff proved to hold the most transformational experiences for my life with Christ. The community I found while serving at West taught me how to cultivate humility and joy in my walk with the Lord. Many of the friends that I feel closest to came from my time on Teen Staff.

In the summer of 2015, I joined Youthfront Camp West’s summer staff as the high ropes course supervisor. Spending the entire summer at camp was an incredible experience, and I was able to grow even deeper relationships with the other staff throughout the camp season. Throughout the summer, I was able to see God work in awesome ways at the ropes course as campers worked together and learned to rely on Him to complete the course.

This year, I was on summer staff again as a cabin leader. It is such a wonderful privilege to walk alongside the campers for a week at a time. I am always amazed at their ability to pursue God and enjoy life. Each week brings new challenges, but my time as a cabin leader has grown my love for the mission of Youthfront more than I thought possible. An enormous blessing of working as a cabin leader is getting to see the campers respond to the Lord’s tug on their hearts throughout the week. I will never forget hearing campers talk about God’s love in new ways, and sharing the joy of a week at camp with them.

Youthfront has played an instrumental role in my relationship with Jesus. Youthfront Camp West, Lacygne, and Something to Eat have all impacted me and shown me the joy and love of our God. After wrapping up my second summer on staff with Youthfront, I reflect on the friendships I have built, the encounters I am blessed by every week with campers, and where being at Youthfront has taken me.

Nate Cameron, Cabin Leader at Youthfront Camp West

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