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Q&A with Abbey


Abbey and I grew so close because I was getting to know her at time in her life where she was developing as a believer and follower of Jesus. She was a freshman in high school coming into LaCygne for the first time.

Q: How has LaCygne impacted your spiritual journey?

A: The activities that LaCygne offers throughout the day helped me to find God in ordinary activities as well as discover some spiritual techniques like prayer ropes and mandalas to deepen my relationship with Christ. The daily routine centered on prayer also helped me to become more comfortable with the idea of taking time in silence to pray to God, rather than just before meals or at church.

Q: Has LaCygne connected you with other youth?

A: I’ve met some of my closest friends at LaCygne. Meeting people in an intimate environment like the one at LaCygne is beneficial because it helps me to be more intentional in my relationships and more prone to expressing an actual interest in spending time with people I appreciate, rather than just shooting them a text asking them to hang out.

Q: How has LaCygne shaped your prayer, community and personal development?

A: Being at LaCygne has opened me up to the idea of using less mainstream techniques to connect with God, like prayer ropes and mandala, as well as letter-writing and exercising. I also hadn’t ever really experienced an intentional community like LaCygne where people make a conscious decision to be with others. I have also become more open-minded and accepting of others, recognizing that even people that I have a lot in common with can really differ from me.

After volunteering the past two summers I saw Abbey mature spiritually, relationally and in the way she serves others. This summer Abbey will be joining our community as a Summer Resident, a natural next step on her journey of participation here at LaCygne. When I asked her what she was most looking forward to about her third Summer she said she was excited to challenge herself to be a role model to others and to also to be a more patient and loving person, even when it’s not easy. She’s also looking forward to connecting with the community again, seeing some old friends and getting to know new people.

We are looking forward to another great Summer with you too Abbey!

Lisa Wiley



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