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Something to Eat

Join the Something to Eat movement, a faith-based justice initiative that binds together the privileged and the poor and equips us to answer the call of Matthew 25.

“I was hungry and you gave me something to eat…”   

Something to Eat is part of a larger social justice program offered through Youthfront’s Missional Journeys, a movement to encounter Christ in solidarity with others.  It happens shoulder to shoulder in common mission on the meal assembly lines.  It happens across oceans with the poor and vulnerable whose names we may never know, but whose deep longing of body and soul we surely do.  We feed one another both physically and spiritually. During the packaging event, we also interrupt our activity with brief moments of prayer and reflection.  We do this to remember those for whom we work and to remember that as important as our efforts are, there are forces beyond us that militate against a flourishing life for all and to learn more about poverty in our world.  Most importantly, we pause to recognize that we need Christ who is making all things new and we groan in solidarity with the vulnerable towards that day when all is right.

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