Teen Staff Sponsorship

Thank you for your interest in our Teen Staff Sponsorship Campaign!

For years, we have offered our Teen Staff program to high school students. It has been said to be one of our greatest strengths. This program is one element of our high school ministry. We believe, as many of you have said, that this program is a rich program that contributes to the spiritual growth of our teens in a way no other program can. As a result, we are dramatically expanding our teen staff program, not only at camp but also throughout the ministry of Youthfront. With the expansion of middle school camp programs moving to both Youthfront locations, the launching of a new Day Camp Program, the expansion of our Something to Eat Initiative and other programs being developed, more opportunities for kids to serve are available. And, we can involve a lot more high school students in our teen staff program each week! It’s a great win-win!

The relationships made during summers at Youthfront have made a difference to youth in our community. They have impacted students deeply and have provided a connection for months, even years, after they have served together. Many of our high school students are meeting year-round; others long for that. We are committed to helping those who aren’t plugged in somewhere, get plugged in. It means participating in the mission of God through year-round opportunities both at Youthfront and at the local church. In order to help do this, we have hired two new Teen Staff Supervisors that will be on staff all year-round.

In order to grow, we have to fund this program. As with any program, Teen Staff requires significant resources to operate. To help us offset the significant ministry costs, we are creating a Teen Staff Fund where donors can sponsor a Teen Staff.  We need to fund each position at $100 per week.  Teen Staff students are covering the first amount by contributing $25, leaving $75 that we need you to fill.  Your $75 donation sponsors a Teen Staff position for one week.  We have 700 positions to fill for the summer at all our camp locations.  We need you.  Will you consider sponsoring one week (or more) for a gift $75 per week?

Yes! I want to sponsor a Teen Staff this summer!

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