Thank you for your interest in volunteering at Camp LaCygne.

If you are new to volunteering at Camp LaCygne, please take time to read through all of the questions below, as they will help you understand the process and requirements to be eligible to volunteer for a summer session. After you have read each question, please feel free to continue by filling out the online volunteer application.

If you are interested in volunteering to lead an experience during a summer session, or if you have an idea for a project that you would like to do at Camp LaCygne, please fill out the volunteer interest form and let us know how you would like to help.

If you have questions, please contact us at You’ll find the volunteer FAQ just below the tabs of applications on this page.

Volunteer Application

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Volunteer Reference Form

Please fill out this form honestly and completely for the person who has requested you to be their reference in seeking to volunteer at Youthfront LaCygne. Thank you for your time.

Volunteer Interest Form

Youthfront LaCygne is always looking for adult volunteers! Please let us know how you are interested in helping.
  • Please tell us more about your talents or abilities or the way in which you can volunteer at LaCygne.
    The minimum is to do one offering during any week listed above.

1) How old must I be to serve as a volunteer?

• You must be at least 14 years old.

• In most cases, you cannot be older than 24.

2) Do I have to attend LaCygne if I plan to volunteer?

• Yes. To apply to be a volunteer you must first be registered for a session at Youthfront LaCygne.

• Registering for a session at Youthfront LaCygne does not guarantee you a position as a volunteer. You still must go through the interview process and be invited to volunteer by a permanent resident in the community.

• The registration fee for Youthfront LaCygne is $50. This is due before you will be considered for a volunteer position, so get registered early.

• Lifeguards are eligible for a $100 discount off of their session at Youthfront LaCygne. If you choose the tent camping option for lodging at LaCygne, then it will only be a $65 discount.

• We encourage you to attend Youthfront LaCygne with your home church. You will not be hired as a volunteer on the same week that your church attends Youthfront LaCygne.

3) How can I become certified for lifeguarding?

• To lifeguard at LaCygne, you will need current certification in lifeguarding, First Aid, and CPR for the professional rescuer. Youthfront will offer certification in the spring, please contact the community at LaCygne ( for information.

• You can also contact the Greater Kansas City Chapter of the American Red Cross at (816) 931-8400 or for dates and locations of classes. For Ellis certification contact the Liberty Community Center at (816) 792-6009.

• Remember, lifeguards are eligible for additional discounts for their session (see above). You also should know that we give high priority to volunteers who are eligible for lifeguarding.

4) When do I need to have my volunteer application turned in?

• The deadline for applications is May 31.

• We will begin hiring as early as January and you have to be registered for Youthfront LaCygne before you can turn in an application. Scheduling priority will be given to applications on a “first come, first serve” basis so apply and register now!

5) How will I know if I have been selected to be a part of the volunteer team?

• A volunteer coordinator will contact you by phone to conduct an interview.

• You will be assigned an initial list of weeks to work during or after your interview.

• Please do not call us about the status of your application unless absolutely necessary. All applications will be processed in the order they are received and only after an applicant has registered to attend Youthfront LaCygne.

6) How will I get to and from LaCygne?

• Transportation to and from Youthfront LaCygne is your responsibility. This needs to be arranged before you come to LaCygne.

7) If selected, when am I to report to LaCygne?

• Please report to LaCygne on Monday of your assigned week at 2:30 p.m.

• Volunteer orientation will begin at 3:00 p.m. in the chapel.

• It is important that you do not arrive before 2:00 p.m. We want to be ready to welcome you.

8) When should I plan to leave LaCygne?

• You should plan to leave LaCygne at approximately 11:00 a.m. on Saturday.

• You are not excused to leave until your assignment area is ready for the next week, the volunteer quarters are clean, and the volunteer coordinator has excused you.

• Do not plan to leave during the week unless your absence is pre-approved by the community at LaCygne, and you have a signed note from your parent or guardian giving such permission if you are 17 or younger.

• Your assistance is needed each day — all week!

9) How much do I get paid for serving as a volunteer?

• Volunteering at LaCygne is a unique ministry opportunity. You will receive free lodging and meals, but no wages.

• You will also be free to participate in the life of the community whenever your specific duties allow.

• Every week you serve, you will receive $5.00 to use at the Snack Shack.

10) Where will I be rooming while volunteering?

• Volunteer quarters are separated by age and gender. All volunteers 18 or older will room together, and all volunteers 17 and under will room together.

• It is your responsibility to keep the area neat and clean.

• These quarters are supervised by Summer Residents and/or Permanent Residents of the LaCygne community.

11) Are laundry facilities available for my use?

• Unfortunately, no. Be sure that you bring enough clothes, towels, etc. to last the entire session.

12) What should I bring with me to LaCygne?

• Bring an alarm clock. Other than that, you need to bring basically the same things as a pilgrim: bedding, towels, laundry bag, etc.

• Please do not bring weapons or fire starting tools of any kind, including air soft guns, paintball guns, knives, lighters, matches, candles, torches, etc.

• If you choose to bring your phone it is to be used with discretion, and generally for simple communication, your alarm clock, or emergency purposes only.

13) Can my friends/family come visit me while I’m at LaCygne?

• Your responsibilities as a volunteer at LaCygne will keep you fairly busy throughout the day. You should not plan to have discretionary time available for visitors.

• Generally visitors are not allowed, however friends or family are welcome to join the community at LaCygne during any of the three daily prayer times observed.

• Visitors must check in and out at the office, and arrive with enough time to enter the prayer space and not distract others.

• Please ask permission for having visitors from the volunteer coordinator, and do not invite a visitor until it has been approved by the volunteer coordinator.

14) What do I do with the Reference Form?

• Online Reference forms are available on this page.

• It is your responsibility to direct your reference to the form on this page.

• Please send them your name as it will read on your application so we can put the two documents together when we receive them.

• Your reference should ideally be a pastor, youth pastor, or mentor.

• You may not have a family member complete a reference form for you.

15) Can my parents be assured of adult supervision at LaCygne?

• Yes! The volunteer coordinators serve as your supervisors and advisors.

• As a volunteer you will also interact with many summer residents and permanent residents of the community. You will get to know them well.

• They want to be a source of encouragement and spiritual guidance to you.

• For more information about the safety of the community at LaCygne, please visit the frequently asked questions page.

16) If I volunteer two weeks in a row, can I spend the weekend at LaCygne?

• No. You will need a break to attend church, do laundry, and rest.

• If you live a great distance away, make plans to stay with a relative, friends, or a family in the area.

• You are responsible for making these arrangements.

17) What are the ways that volunteers serve?

• Kitchen Crew — Work in an enthusiastic team environment as you help prepare and/or clean up for as many as 300 people. This volunteer must be able to follow through on assignments and take initiative.

• Certified Lifeguard — Requires certification in Lifeguarding, First Aid, and CPR by a nationally recognized provider such as the Red Cross or Ellis. These people will assist the Head Lifeguards in creating a safe environment at all waterfront areas and help with pool maintenance.

• Grounds & Caretaking — These volunteers will keep buildings sparkling on the inside – including bathrooms. This position requires the ability to see what needs to be done and do it with a big smile and pride in a job well done. This role can also include keeping the sidewalks, flower beds, and outside of buildings looking sharp. Volunteers also help out by clearing the grounds of trash.

• Snack Shack — Another inside job that requires a big smile and a heart to serve. These volunteers serve food and drinks in the Snack Shack and are responsible for clean up.

• Waterfront Lookout — Requires a love of sun and water. In this position you will help the lifeguards in a variety of ways. Lifeguarding certification is not required for this position.

• Reception / Office — Requires a person who is organized, friendly, and willing to spend long hours helping others. This person will answer phones and help people as needed.

• All volunteer positions are vital to the operation of LaCygne. We need lifeguards, kitchen workers, snack shack workers, and others. The volunteer coordinators will try to match your skills with the needs of the community.

18) How many weeks can I serve as a volunteer?

• Some volunteers work one week and others work several weeks.

• We hope to schedule you to fit your availability and the needs of the community.

• Your attitude, performance, and flexibility as volunteer are a few of the things considered when scheduling you to work.

• We prefer you work no more than two consecutive weeks at a time.

19) Does volunteering at LaCygne meet requirements for community service hours for my school?

• Yes, most schools accept volunteering at LaCygne as hours towards your required community service.

• Bring any necessary paperwork with you to LaCygne and the volunteer coordinators will fill them out on Saturday.

• You will be eligible for up to 40 hours for a week of service at LaCygne.

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