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YF Neighborhood offers hands-on ways to make life better for all our neighbors and learning experiences to imagine a world without walls. Through “What’s Good in the Neighborhood,” Youthfront celebrates points of hope and pride in under-resourced communities. On April 17, 2021 we’ll kick off this neighborhood celebration by lending a hand serving local ministries and organizations in the Argentine community in Kansas City, Kansas. We’ll listen to the good stories of unsung local heroes who bring life and beauty amidst challenges. Youth and families will have the opportunity to form friendships across social and economic divisions by leaving familiar neighborhoods to meet new neighbors different from themselves. 



Join us at our “What’s Good In The Neighborhood” Kickoff Event!  Click the link below to find out how you can participate. All ages welcome!


While many struggled financially through the pandemic, some of you told us that you’ve been blessed and want to find a way to help others with your stimulus funds. In fact, we heard it from enough of our friends and donors that we wondered: Could you give our YF Neighborhood ministry a jumpstart?

A donation to the Jumpstart Fund can help meet a priority need: a safe but gently used van to serve our neighborhood youth programs and also support our Something to Eat™ food packing program. Our programs have been serving those most impacted by the pandemic. If you feel called to allocate an extra gift – or part of your stimulus funds – you can help meet these ministry needs through the Jumpstart FundLearn more about all our YF Neighborhood programs here and thanks for your support.

YF Neighborhood | yfn@youthfront.com | 913.262.3900

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