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Why We Rappel

We love teenagers. We do. We have dedicated our lives to teenagers and love working with them day in and day out. They have so many temptations, obstacles and influences that offer a way to live which, too often, causes brokenness and despair. Did you know 86% of students today suffer from or, know someone who suffers from mental illness? Or that over 31% say they suffer from extreme stress? Our hearts burn with passion to help teenagers live on a different trajectory. We want to work together to empower them to be leaders in our community. We want them to be excited about their futures and not overwhelmed with the pressures that surround them.  We won’t accept that today’s teens are “lazy” and “disrespectful”. In fact, 88% of teens feel like they have the power to make a difference in the world and want to see change. More importantly, they want to be part of that change.  We believe we have to empower students to reach their potential through unconditional love, mutual respect, compassion and education.

We believe teenagers are leaders. While Youthfront has been best known for its camp locations, now known as Youthfront West and Youthfront LaCygne, the experiences at Camp are catalysts for students to begin their development as community leaders. Through our camp Leadership Development Mentoring programs such as, Teen Staff, Summer Staff and Internship opportunities in the Argentine neighborhood of KCK, we are helping teens narrate a different story. These programs aim to provoke youth into thinking about a better tomorrow. Whether serving in an under-resourced, immigrant neighborhood or, in a well-established, thriving community we attempt to unite all socio-economic statuses in the name of understanding, community, and culture. Our teens are the link that makes this mission possible.

We believe teenagers care.  Youthfront has received national recognition for its food packaging initiative, Something to Eat.™ This program encourages fundraising and meal provision for the hungry, often igniting passion in today’s youth for social justice. Many teens will rally their neighborhoods, family and friends to participate in a packaging event and this year alone, Something to Eat™ volunteers will package over 2 million meals for those in need throughout the world.

We love teenagers, and we are hosting the most outrageous event we have ever done-We are daring Kansas Citians to drop and rappel down the side of the Overland Park Marriott on May 9th. We rappel to raise money and awareness for the programs we believe in and the impact our teens are making in the world. We want to be impacting teens and their families for another 70 years. Will you join us?

The money raised from just one “Edger” will provide funding to:

  • Send four under-resourced youth to a five-day camp this summer or;
  • Package 4,000 meals for the hungry, or:
  • Support one Urban Youth in the Argentine District of Kansas City, KS for an entire year.

Imagine what we can do if we sell out the event at 100 edgers.


Come on. We Dare You.

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