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Imagine Argentine, Youthfront’s four-week social entrepreneurship program, has given middle school youth a chance to confront neighborhood challenges and creatively look for solutions.

Youthfront piloted Imagine Argentine in 2016, challenging youth to be passionate about being change-makers and positive influences in their neighborhood. The inaugural Imagine Argentine youth tackled their biggest concern: the need for a safe place to hang out after school. They established Snack Shack KC, a safe place where young people in Argentine can gather, and now run year-round by youth and adult volunteers. 

The second entrepreneurship cohort unveiled their concept for “Boredom Busters,” which offers fun, safe activities for youth at Snack Shack including video game tournaments, dance classes, and art projects. Boredom Busters serves as the programming arm of Snack Shack KC. The third group of young entrepreneurs confronted the challenge of having only one public swimming pool in their county through “City Splash,” a pop-up water park venture to serve their community. The fourth cohort harnessed their art skills to beautify graffitied areas of their neighborhood as “Alley Artists”.

Youth and the surrounding neighborhood have responded enthusiastically to the Snack Shack and its ventures. Once envisioned as a summer initiative, Youthfront responded to the community need for Snack Shack to operate year-round. More than 45 youth were volunteering and participating regularly at Snack Shack, which had become a neighborhood anchor for youth after school, prior to the pandemic. 

During Covid-19, the Snack Shack has served young students in need of virtual learning help through its Learning Pods.


Learn more about the curriculum and program structure in our Imagine X program.

Want to help? 


1. Volunteer your time at Snack Shack or Learning Pods. 

2. Support YF Neighborhood programs by becoming a monthly giving partner.

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