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At the end of August I was officially hired as the Program Director at Youthfront Camp West and since September I have been support raising. Currently, I am over 50% of my support raising goals. My hope is that through this project I’ll raise the remaining monthly support so that my salary will be fully funded.

Youthfront and Me

The first summer I worked on summer staff was 2016. I was hired as the female Ropes Course Supervisor and had the time of my life. That summer was significant not only because it brought my into the world of Youthfront but also because it introduced me to the man who became my husband. Fun fact: I have known Andrew only about two months longer than being in a relationship with him. No one was surprised when I returned for summer 2017 and that summer I was a Cabin Leader.

This past summer I was offered the position as Program Director as a trial run before being officially hired. This past summer was hard for a number of reasons but it did not sway my conviction that God was leading me to this position.

As far as the future goes, my plan is to ride this wave as Program Director as long as God leads and then will take on the next adventure God lays before me. While I am here, I know that God will use my time and my work, my supporters and their money, and the ministry of Youthfront as a whole of to do amazing things.

The Job of Program Director

Here are some specific tasks that are included in my job:

  • Assist in the development of camp content.
  • Assist in the recruitment and hiring of camp summer staff.
  • Work with the Program Director at Camp LaCygne to lead the development of HYPE content.
  • Assist with any Youthfront events.
  • Collaborate with local youth pastors and youth workers.
  • Attend youth worker training events for self-development.
  • During the summer, I oversee all program activities. This includes leading/facilitating a spiritual formation time for program staff.
  • Directly supervise specific program staff during the summer.
  • Mentor summer staff, especially the female staff.

This is all put in my own words and is not necessary extensive, but I hope it gives you an idea. In many ways, what it asked of me in this position is to be present to help, be willingly to help, and to do whatever needs to be done in order to make camp happen.

What does becoming a monthly supporter mean?

All of Youthfront full time staff members raise support to some degree and most of staff raise the majority of their salary. If you support me monthly, your support goes towards my paycheck and/or towards ministry expenses. As we all know, we cannot do life alone and I cannot do this job and this ministry alone. For one, it is a requirement of the job but it is also a necessity for me to do this work well. As I have been raising support these past two months I have encouraged, I have been touched by people’s generosity, I have been able to reconnect with people, and I have been able to witness God’s provision. If you join my support team, you will become a huge blessing to me and I have no doubt that God will use your support to impact both of us in ways we could not have planned.

My Goal

I need to raise $465 in monthly support to hit my salary goal. Ultimately, it is a simple ask. I am asking for you to believe in me, in the work that I have done and will be doing through the ministry of Youthfront, and I am asking you to prayerfully consider joining my support team. To give you an idea, the range of monthly support that I mentioned above ranges from $10-$150. While this is what I have calculated, no support amount is too small (or too large!).

Additionally, while gaining monthly supporters is my desire, I do not want to discourage or discredit one time gifts. One time gifts I can set aside for ministry expenses. This means that I can use this money for specific reasons so that I don’t have to use money from my monthly budget and then that money can go farther. Any way that God leads you to support me will be immensely appreciated and will be able to help my in a big way.

Lastly, I admit that while my mind is most focused on the dollar amounts, I still know that I need prayer just as much. Prayer that I would have open eyes to see God’s provision, that I would have perseverance and disciple, and that put trust in God and not try to carry this all on my own shoulders.

If you have any questions or comments, please, reach out! You can email me at

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