Amber’s Fall 2021 Fundraiser

Virtual Fall Fundraiser for the Ministry of Amber Booth


Due to the recent increase in COVID cases due to the Delta variant, our normal fall fundraiser for Amber’s ministry has been cancelled for the second year in a row.  Normally, Good News Church helps fund around $10,000 to keep Amber’s ministry going strong.  This year, she needs our help more than ever!  If you’ve contributed to this before in the past, we urge you to give again.  If you haven’t, this is an awesome ministry to support people who really need it.


Overview of Amber’s ministry:

Covid hasn’t stopped anything with her ministry in KC.  If anything, it’s increased.  Take a look at what she’s doing to be the hands and feet of Jesus in her community:

  • Learning Pods/After-school program:
    • All classes were virtual for the students in the Kansas City, KS school district last year.  This presented many challenges for the youth in the community and their families.  Learning pods provided small groups of middle school students and their elementary school siblings to safely gather for socialization, recreation, art and in-person emotional and spiritual support while doing remote learning.  When the students returned back to the school buildings the learning pods shifted into an after-school program.  The after-school program will continue this year to support the students with their academic needs as well as emotional and spiritual support.   
  • Something to Eat:
    • Amber leads Youthfront’s efforts in a food relief program.  She continues to help small groups and churches/schools serve their community by packing food for the local food pantries!  She added on new meals like mac and cheese, and apple cinnamon oatmeal as so many food pantries are missing these shelf-stable items.  This Fall she will help around 10 different groups package over 150,000 meals.  
  • ImagineX Argentine
    • This youth social entrepreneurship program empowers local youth of the community to be heroes in their own neighborhood.  They solve the most pressing issues of the neighborhood and God’s promise of restoration shines through each project as they bring beauty and positive change into the community.  This year, Amped Up Summer was created to help bring fun to the parks in our community by bringing games and crafts.  Stay tuned for more! 
  • Missional Journeys
    • These service learning opportunities creates a pathway for youth to do something about the pain in our urban centers and to learn about what God has to say about it.  This past summer, Youthfront mobilized more groups than ever to safely serve all throughout the city when local ministries were struggling to get volunteers to take risks on behalf of their neighbors.
  • Day Camp
    • This past summer Amber hosted a neighborhood day camp at four different sites around the Argentine neighborhood.  She along with a group of interns provided crafts, games, story time and Bible lessons for the neighborhood kids.  Amber said it was a great way to get to know more of the neighborhood.  


$8250.00 RAISED
$10000.00 GOAL
Make a one time gift.

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