Joel’s Fundraising Project

What Teen Staff Means To Me

Teenstaff means everything to me. I’ve made so many friends through teen staff and I’ve grown so much closer to God and learned so much about service and doing God’s will.

What Am I Fundraising For

I am fundraising for the Croc mission Trip over spring break. I went last year and it was life changing. I made new friends there and grew closer to the friends that I went with. I grew closer to God and really felt his love and power. I would really love to get to go back so that I can grow in my faith and friendships, and serve God.


To make a one-time contribution to my fundraising project, simply complete the form below and indicate your gift amount. If you would prefer not to give online, you may instead mail a check to:

4715 Rainbow Blvd
Mission, KS 66205

Please write “Joel Scharenberg Teen Staff Fundraising” on the envelope or on a Post-It note (and NOT on the Memo line) so that funds can be designated to me. Checks that are received will be entered into this project so that progress toward the goal can be tracked.

Thank you so much for taking the time to take a look at this page and I’d really love it if you’d consider supporting me. I’m already 3/4 funded and If I want to go on the trip I’ll have to be funded by the end of Friday March 8th. I will take lots of pictures and I can show you them when I get back.

Joel Scharenberg Teen Staff Fundraising

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$190.00 GOAL
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Thank you for supporting my involvement in the Teen Staff Program. All gifts given to me are tax deductible.

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