Kaylee Addison’s Gap Year Fundraiser

I am very excited to be participating in the first year of the Youthfront Gap Year Program. I knew I wanted to do a gap year because I am undecided about schooling and what I want to study. I just knew that I want to help people and leave an impact, while at the same time learn more about myself and the world around me. I really want to make a positive impact on the world, through teaching or nursing or social work  I want to do something that impacts people and significantly helps them even if it’s hard and challenging for me.

I believe the Youthfront Gap Year Program will help me discover more of who I am and what I love and don’t love to do.  It is ‘missions’ based so I will not only get to study about missions but also serve in the local community. I don’t want to take a gap year to just make money or to just ‘find myself’.  So this gap year program is a great fit for me. I will get to learn about myself and other cultures while serving and studying in Croc Mexico.

I’m super excited to teach Art and English in Croc because this is something I maybe will want to teach for a career.  I also love the idea of living independently and figuring things out as I go in order to grow. I also want to continue to learn Spanish and by moving to Mexico for eight months will help me experience a new culture and see the greatness of God’s Kingdom.

Please join my team and help me continue to learn more about the beautiful world God has created, while at the same time being challenged to grow in my faith and serve alongside Youthfront in Mexico.

Kaylee Addison's Gap Year Fundraiser

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