Saunders End of Year Project 2019

Hello, Friends! Thanks for visiting our End of Year Project.

2019 was one of my best years of camp ministry at Youthfront! This past season’s Summer Staff was the best I’ve worked with. We saw more cohesion of programs between our two camp facilities (West and LaCygne) this year, and our ministry partnerships with area churches continued to grow. I am thrilled about the upcoming season. We’ve already written some content for our camp themes, and the process of recruiting our Summer Staff for 2020 is underway.
I am able to continue to work for Youthfront because of the generous support from a couple of dozen friends and family members. God has richly provided for our family through their gifts over the past seven years. And I am happy to report that for the first time, I am ending a full year without a shortfall in my support account! This is a huge blessing!
So, you may be asking, “Why are you doing an end of year project if you don’t have a shortfall this year?” That’s a great question. Even though I don’t have to make up for a deficit, the end-of-year gifts are an important part of our overall financial picture because they help provide for ministry expenses. These expenses include things such as mileage, coffee/meals with youth pastors, books, and computer supplies. The funds that come in during this month will help build a solid foundation for my expenses this coming year.
As you make plans for your end-of-year giving, would you please consider giving to Youthfront and supporting our family?


My goal is to raise an additional $4000 of End of Year support. These funds will help sustain our support account throughout 2020, and provide a source for ministry expenses.


To make a one-time contribution to our end of year project, simply complete the form below and indicate your gift amount. If you would prefer not to give online, you may instead mail a check to:
4600 Rainbow Blvd
Kansas City, KS 66103
Please write “Saunders Support” on the envelope or on a Post-It note (and NOT on the Memo line) so that funds can be designated to us. Checks that are received will be entered into this project so that progress toward the goal can be tracked.


Feel free to reach out to me by email if you have any questions:

Saunders End of Year Project

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$4000 GOAL
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Thanks for helping us build our support account. All gifts given to Youthfront are tax-deductible.

If you are interested in becoming one of our monthly supporters, please visit Youthfront’s Staff Support Page to sign up for a recurring gift.

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