Sophie Roach’s Gap Year Fundraiser

As my time in Kansas City comes close to an end, my excitement for moving grows!! I want you to share with you about an awesome opportunity I have to learn and grow.  I will be participating in the very first year of Youthfront’s Gap Year Program in Croc, Mexico. During this program, I will be participating in morning prayers and discussions on theology and mission, learning about different cultures while experiencing them. I will be working at an after-school program teaching music, art, English and other things alongside the other Gap Year participants and teachers in Mexico. My heart almost can’t handle all of this excitement and newness and nervousness. To make all of this happen, I need $900 a month, for food, living and help with things like Spanish and adjustment to the culture. If you have any interest in helping me out but want to know more about what you are giving your money to please let me know!

I am doing gap year because I want to experience more of the world than just Lee’s Summit Missouri where I have lived all my life. I am specifically doing it in Croc because of the people. I want to continue to build the relationships I already have there. It is also a great opportunity to work on my Spanish. I have been studying Spanish for 5 years, and I feel like I have hit a wall, and need to immerse my self in the language to continue learning it. I cannot wait to learn more about the cultural differences between the United States and Mexico and how to adjust to living a different way. I know that sometimes it won’t be fun and I will wish I was back in the comfort of my home, doing what I know and what I am used to, but I am excited to go outside of my comfort zone and learn things that I would never learn in Lee’s Summit.

Please join my team and help me continue to learn more about the beautiful world God has created, while at the same time being challenged to grow in my faith and serve alongside Youthfront in Mexico.


$7,500.00 GOAL
Join my Support Team!

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