Sophie Roach’s Support a Camper Campaign

This summer at YouthFront I am one of the Hype Girls. I get to lead campers in fun games and activities every day! Campers always have so much fun during hype, and it is something they will remember doing with their friends and cabin mates for a long time. For many children, however, resources for a week of camp are not available. I want as many campers as possible to be able to experience the excitement of hype and all the other amazing things that come along with being a camper. Me and the other summer staff are all trying to raise $500 so we can each help send a kid to camp this summer! If you have been a camper at YouthFront, or you have sent your child there, you know what a life changing experience it can be. If you are able to help send a camper to camp you can donate here!!

$370.00 RAISED
$500.00 GOAL
Make a one time gift.

All gifts given to this campaign go to support camper scholarships and are tax deductible. Thank you for your generosity!

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