• Once chosen, a team member from YF Neighborhood will contact you with date options and more information.
  • Agreement to follow Neighborhood and Community Guidelines

    I/we agree to follow the neighborhood rules and guidelines set forth by Youthfront, including maintaining Covid-19 safety protocol. I/we will wear mask(s) inside at all-times as well as, use social distancing at all times. I/we understand that all persons listed above will be expected to follow the safety guidelines enforced by Youthfront staff and if anyone repeatedly refuses to follow these guidelines, I understand I/we may be dismissed from serving or participating.
  • Informed Consent

    I accept the risks associated with the Covid-19 virus pandemic and will be responsible for myself to enforce reasonable social distancing guidelines and mask wearing. I will contact Youthfront immediately if I show symptoms or test positive for Covid-19 within 10 days after volunteering.

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