Liz Miller

I really enjoy spending the mornings with like-minded youth ministers, and soaking in the wisdom of experienced professionals on a variety of relevant topics. Going to these trainings has equipped me with an intellectual language to pair with the hands-on youth ministry I practice every day! The Joe’s Kansas City BBQ is a nice touch, too! Thanks, Youthfront!


Dave Willingham

Where else can you get sound expert teaching and interacting with leaders for only $10! These trainings encourage me to grow ideas for youth ministry that will be more impactful for a longer time. The time of worship (mid-day) is also appreciated to keep me focused on Who we follow & serve – Jesus Christ.


Matt Schaffner

“If all you’re looking for is a great lunch with amazing people, you’ve got it here. But, if you want to get filled up with practical information, encouragement, things you can take home to your youth ministry right away, plus a great lunch- there’s nowhere else to be!”



The recent Youthfront training I attended – “Games for Growth” – rocked! I’ve been to many training events led by Youthfront and always come back with wonderful “nuggets” to implement into the youth program. Their trainings are relevant to today’s youth programs and a must for all youth workers.


Seth Vopat

Youthfront Youth Worker Training Events equals quality dialogue, solidarity, and deep theological engagement in regards to youth ministry in the church. The conversations they foster encourage youth workers to defy the status quo to pursue a path of excellence in his or her ministerial context with the youth they are engaged with in ministry.

Rachel Beth

Rachel Beth Pack

From start to finish, Youthfront’s Youth Worker training event “Games for Growth” was packed with useful, practical, and helpful information to apply immediately to youth ministry. I appreciated how the speakers answered both why and how questions. It was fun to learn about such a relevant topic so close to home without having to travel outside of KC area and to be able to hang out with other local youth leaders.

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Youthfront’s Youth Worker Training Events are inexpensive, engaging, fun, and valuable. Youthfront is committed to equipping youth workers with the very best resources they can provide.



Regardless of the topic or the venue, Youthfront’s Youth Worker Training Events are always a good excuse to get out of office for a few hours. You get to meet new people involved in youth ministry, are challenged to think new thoughts and encouraged in your faith. All locally. How cool is that?

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