What are your health and safety protocols this summer related to COVID?

Parents and families can find the details of precautions in place and health and safety protocols HERE

What if my camper is put on a waiting list?

Once a session of camp is full for a specific gender, we will accept a limited number of waiting list reservations. After your camper is assigned to a waiting list, one of three things will happen: 1) If a spot opens up because another camper cancels or transfers sessions, we will contact you about moving to registered status. 2) If a spot does not open up, your camper may still be able to attend camp if he or she is willing to sleep on a cot in one of the rooms in their cabin. This is a common occurrence and is usually not a big deal to the camper because they still get to be at camp with their friends. If this is an option, we will contact you one to two weeks prior to your session of camp. 3) If we are over capacity, we will offer you the opportunity to transfer to another session of camp. Please note that a deposit is required to reserve your place on the waiting list, but it is fully refundable if your camper is not able to attend camp.

Where do I find information about packing, check-in, pick-up, etc?

Several weeks prior to your camper’s session, we will send you an email with this information. You can also find a PDF version of this information on your Camper Registration Dashboard, in the Download Forms tab of the Forms section.  We encourage you to download/save/print the Important Info document as a helpful guide before your camper joins us this summer.

What is the Splash Park?

The Splash Park is a water activity on the lake that consists of giant inflatable elements to play on. New for 2022, all campers will have access to the Splash Park for their entire camp session at no additional cost!

How many camp bucks should I add for my camper(s)?

It is totally up to you! In our Snack Shop, your camper can purchase snacks and Youthfront merchandise and apparel. Food and drinks are generally $1-4, and all of our merchandise is $20 or less.

What is a Care Package and where can I buy one for my camper?

Care Packages are Youthfront “goodie bags” that you may purchase for your camper, and will be delivered during their session of camp. Care Packages contain a variety of items such as Snack Shop coupons, Youthfront apparel, and other gifts. Care Packages may ONLY be purchased through your online account. Starting in the spring, you can use the Additional Items button on your camper dashboard to purchase one for your camper. Photos and descriptions of Care Package contents can be found here: https://youthfront.com/cpdescription/

What if I need to pick up my camper from camp before the session ends?

If you need to come get your camper before the end of their session of camp, we ask that you first come to our camp office (follow the signs when you drive into camp) to check them out. Please bring a photo ID with you. If the person picking up your camper is someone other than the guardian who signed the Medical Form, please have a written note from that guardian giving us permission to release your camper to them.

Will I receive any updates about what is going on at camp while my camper is there?

Yes! We send a daily email to you about the day’s activities. Please make sure that your email is up to date in your account to receive these emails.

Will my camper be in the same room as their friends?

We do not assign rooms. We do, however, commit to ensuring your camper will be placed in the same cabin with at least one of the friends listed as a requested cabin mate on your camper dashboard.

Can I pay for multiple campers in one transaction?

Yes. Once your campers are enrolled, go to the payment screen. You will have the option to pay for all of them in one transaction.

How will my camper take medication at camp?

We ask that all medications stay with our Wellness Director, centrally located on camp grounds. Prior to camp, we will ask you to fill out an online medical form for your camper and add any daily/regular medications with dosage instructions to your camper account. At check-in, we will have a station to drop off medications. Exceptions may include emergency inhalers and epipens. Please contact us for more information.

What do I need to do if my camper has food allergies?

We are very familiar with common food allergies and do our very best to keep your camper safe and healthy during their stay at camp. In the Medical section of your Camper Registration Dashboard, please note your camper’s food allergies. A list of camper allergies is given to our kitchen staff prior to each camp session. Our dining hall is completely peanut free, and we offer refrigerator space for campers that need to bring special food and meals. Please contact us at (913) 262-3900 or info@youthfront.com for details and assistance as you plan for your camper.

My camper needs specific medical care while at camp (e.g. injections, injury, severe allergy, etc). Are you able to accommodate her/him?

If your child has a specific medical need requiring extra care at camp, please contact us at 913-262-3900 or camp@youthfront.com. We will discuss options with you to ensure that Youthfront Camp is the best fit to keep your child safe.

Can I send mail to camp?

We ask that you please do not mail letters or packages to camp. We often have mail arrive for campers after their session of camp ends. We offer an alternative that we call “Note to Camper.” Closer to the start of camp season, you may visit www.youthfront.com/notetocamper to write a message to your camper that will be delivered to them during their session. We also offer Care Packages for purchase. See more details in our question regarding care packages above.

If I need to switch my camper to another session what do I need to do?

Please call us at (913) 262-3900 or email us at info@youthfront.com, and we will transfer your camper and your payment to another session if there is space available.

How do I register?

You will be able to register your camper(s) for camp by creating an online account for your family. Click the “Register for Camp” button in the sidebar for a link to access or create your account. If you already have an account, you will be able to access it through that same link. If at all possible, use Google Chrome as your browser because it is the most compatible with our system.

Do I have to enter two guardians and an emergency contact?

No, you can list just one guardian, but you must add at least one additional contact as the emergency contact for your camper.

Why am I having trouble accessing or creating my online account?

Our system is not compatible with every internet browser and device. If you are using a tablet or a smartphone, please try to register your camper(s) on a laptop or computer. The best internet browser is Google Chrome. Other options include Firefox (31 or higher), Internet Explorer (10 or higher), Safari (5 or higher), and Opera (25 or higher). Please contact us if you continue to have problems: (913) 262-3900.

What is the registration fee?

There is a $5 registration fee that will be charged to all campers. You will see the registration fee on your invoice with a September date. This is an in-house reference and has nothing to do with the date for your camper’s session of camp.

Where are your camps located?

We have two great camp locations. Camp LaCygne is located at 22724 E 2400 Rd, LaCygne, KS  66040 and Camp West is at 21667 Spooncreek Rd, Edgerton, KS 66021.

How do I contact Youthfront?

Send an email to info@youthfront.com or call 913-262-3900.

What does it mean when sessions are marked as ``Reserved?``

When the schedule states “Reserved,” it means that a group (or multiple groups) have reserved all spots for that session. Non “Reserved” sessions often have a blend of public spots as well as groups that have reserved spots.  If you know that you are part of a group that has made a reservation,  you will need to contact your group leader  for the group ID.

What do I do if I forgot my account password from last year?

Click on the “forgot password” button and you will receive an email with a temporary password that will be sent to you overnight. If you are in the system and want to finish registering, please call us at 913-262-3900 or go to info@youthfront.com, and we will be happy to reset your password for you.

What grade should I list for my camper?

Please use the grade that your camper will be going into in the fall, after the camp season is over.

Why won’t the system allow me to go to the next page?

Our system is formatted to fill your computer screen. Please make sure that your screen is fully expanded and scroll to the bottom of the page. Please contact us if you continue to have issues: (913) 262-3900.

Now that my camper is registered, what do I do next?

Starting in late April, we will send you periodic updates about necessary forms and other details about your camper’s session of camp.

Can I make changes to my account?

You can log into your account at any time and make changes to most of your information for you and your camper(s). If you are unable to make a desired change, please contact us at camp@youthfront.com or 913-262-3900.

My camper isn’t part of a group, can she/he still attend a session?

Absolutely! Many campers attend camp with friends or even come by themselves. Our staff and program make it really easy to make new friends!

What discounts are available when I register for camp?

If your camper attends as part of a reserved group of 16 or more campers, each camper will receive a discount off their cost of camp.  You must have a Group Hold ID provided from your group leader in order to receive this discount.

If you have 3 or more campers from your family registered to attend camp, each camper after the second camper will receive a $50 discount.  Those attending latest will receive the discount.  Please contact us at (913) 262-3900 if you qualify for this discount.

What fun activities are available for my camper?

Some of our activities include: swimming pool, waterslide, Nerf Wars, Splash Park on the lake (for a small fee), the Blob, other lake activities such as paddle boats and canoes, zip line, sand volleyball, disc golf, basketball court, crafts, and all kinds of other games. In addition to all of this, we have themes each night, and encourage campers to dress up for our themed games and activities!

What are the sleeping arrangements like at camp?

We have air conditioned cabins at both of our camp locations. There are bathrooms and showers in each cabin, and campers sleep on bunk beds.

When should I expect notifications and communication about camp?

We rely on email to communicate important information with you, including registration confirmation, invoices, reminders, notifications, etc. Please make sure that the primary email in your account is up to date. We will begin to send you important updates and reminders in the spring before the camp season begins. This will include notifications when new forms and information is available to you about camp as well as the opportunity to add Camp Bucks, Day Camp lunch, and Care Packages to your account.

How do you choose your staff each summer?

We are blessed to hire many wonderful young people to help us make camp happen each year. Many of our staff were campers themselves! Beyond our full-time staff, we hire college students as our Summer Staff. We hold extensive interviews and run background checks for all of our staff hired to make sure that your campers have the most capable and trustworthy leaders during their session of camp.

What is your cancellation policy?

A deposit is required to secure your session of camp. This deposit is non-refundable and non-transferable. The full balance of your payment is due no later than 14 days prior to your session of camp. Failure to make full payment by this date may forfeit your reservation. If you cancel at least 14 days prior to your session, you are eligible to receive a refund of all monies paid other than the deposit. If you cancel less than 14 days prior to your session, the deposit will be forfeited and the additional monies paid will be non-refundable but may be transferred to another individual or to another Youthfront program, for use by August 31 of the same calendar year. Any remaining funds not used by August 31 of the same calendar year will be forfeited in full. Parents have the option to purchase a Camp Protection Plan to cancel their child’s camp registration for any reason for a full refund.

Why a Camp Protection Plan?

With the uncertainty of raising kids who have sports, family gatherings, vacations, and all this in a Covid-19 world, knowing that you can cancel your camp registration for a full refund gives you the peace-of-mind to reserve your spot at camp. Once you have purchased the plan, any funds you pay from that point forward are protected for the remaining camp season. The refund coverage of the Camp Protection Plan remains in effect fro the date you purchase the plan until two days before your child’s camp session.

When is my full camp payment due?

All camper fees and medical forms are due 14 days prior to the camper’s session. As space is limited and some sessions will have waiting lists, registrants with outstanding balances on the due date may forfeit their Camp reservation. Please contact us if you need to discuss your account.

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