Group Leader FAQ

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Why should I reserve spots for my group?

Making a reservation enables you to give us an approximate number of males & females to save spots for your campers! You will also receive a unique group ID code that will enable a discount for each of your campers.

Do I have to bring a certain amount of students to make a reservation?

There is no minimum number required. If you bring at least 16 students, each student will receive a discount off their camp fee.

How long will Youthfront reserve spots for my group?

We will be in touch with you in March to let you know how many spots you still have available. After March 15, we will take back any unused spots and open them up to the public. If there is still room in the session after the March 15 deadline, your students can continue to register but run the risk of being on the waiting list.

How do I make a group reservation?

Submit a completed group reservation form and someone will be in touch with you as soon as possible.  If you are a new group, we require a $350 deposit to hold your spots.  If you fill at least 75% of the original reservation, you will receive the deposit back after your session of camp.  You may also choose to roll over that deposit to make a reservation for the following summer. We recommend submitting your reservation by the end of January to help you get the spaces you want. After that date space becomes more limited.

How are students assigned to our reservation?

You will be given a Group ID to share with families. The first screen of the registration process states to enter the Group Hold Registration ID if coming to camp as part of a group. The next screen will give the name of the session you have reserved. By using this Group ID they will also receive a discount (if your group is bringing at least 16 students).

Am I required to bring adults with my group?

Yes. Your adult volunteers get to experience camp at no charge! Each adult volunteer you bring is paired with one of our trained full-time summer staff Cabin Leaders and functions as an additional caring adult during your session. For overnight camp, all groups are asked to bring a minimum of one adult Volunteer Cabin Leader (VCL) per 8-16 campers of the same gender.  For day camp, groups are asked to bring a minimum of one volunteer leader per 10 campers.

When groups do not fill their Volunteer Cabin Leader positions, Youthfront has to hire trusted contract staff to assume those responsibilities. Those adults, who must meet a background check, assure we’re in compliance with the youth/adult ratios required by our Child Protection Policy and also provide important leadership in our Camp program. Churches who are unable to fill the Volunteer Cabin Leader roles they commit to in bringing a group to camp are asked to support the cost of hiring replacement leaders. A $250 fee will be assessed for each adult volunteer that a church is unable to provide.

Can Day Camp volunteers ride on the bus with my campers?

The bus is typically full with campers and two Day Camp Summer Staff. Please contact us to see if this is possible.

How many students are in a cabin for overnight camp?

At Camp West, each cabin holds 16 campers with 2 cabin leaders. At Camp LaCygne, each cabin holds 20 campers with 2 cabin leaders.

How many students are in a group for day camp?

Each group has between 10-16 day campers along with at least two Day Camp Staff.

Can I make a payment towards my camper’s balance?

Call us at (913) 262-3900 to make a credit card payment or mail a check to Youthfront ATTN: Tammy Heslip. 4600 Rainbow Blvd. Kansas City, KS 66103. Along with the check, please include a list with the names of the campers you would like to pay for and the amount you want to apply towards their balance. All group payments must be made no later than 5 weeks before their session. This enables us to apply the amount to each account before the final email information goes out to the parents regarding outstanding balances.

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