Middle School Camp

Our Staff

We believe God has blessed us with one of the finest camp ministries in the country because of our incredible and dedicated staff. Our full-time staff have decades of camp experience as they create the best possible program along with hiring high quality Summer Staff. Our Summer Staff are college-age people who genuinely care about kids and facilitate our camp program. We conduct extensive interviews and background checks for all of our staff hired to make sure that your campers have the most capable and trustworthy leaders during their session of camp. We have at least two staff per cabin and one staff member to every four campers across our camp, so you can rest assured that your child will be cared for at all times.

Our Activities

Splash Park (now included in camp price!) ♦ Blob and other lake activities ♦ Pool & Waterslide ♦ Snack Shop ♦ Gaga Ball ♦ Basketball and Sand Volleyball Courts ♦ Themed Activities ♦ Game Room ♦ Nerf Wars 

Our Program

At Youthfront, every activity and experience we offer serves the same goal: to help bring youth to a growing relationship with Jesus Christ.  The Youthfront Kids Camp experience will:

* Bring kids together within an uplifting and nurturing community

* Help them learn and discover God’s love for them

* Inspire them to serve and love those around them  

And here’s the best part, they will have SO MUCH FUN!

Our Schedule

Past camp families and church partners will see that Youthfront has shifted the timing of our overnight camp sessions in 2022. Sessions will now open on Monday morning with pickup on Friday evenings. Campers have the same amount of time for camp activities as in prior years, but this schedule frees up weekends for families. 

We made the schedule change after receiving feedback from parents that a Monday morning check-in (rather than afternoon) and a Friday evening pickup would better meet their summer scheduling needs with work, weekend travel, sports and other activities. We’re excited to offer a more relaxed and intentional pickup experience for families on Friday evenings as well! 



7:30am – Wake Up

8:15am – Morning Prayer

We structure our days around the practice of prayer, so we start each day together in our Chapel for Morning Prayer. This prayer times includes reading scriptures, music, silence, and both corporate and private prayer.

8:30am – Breakfast

9:00am – Morning Gathering

Campers gather together in our Chapel each morning for worship and to hear from our Storyteller about our theme for the session.

10:00am – Reflection

We set aside 30 minutes each morning for campers to reflect on what they are learning about God and their faith. This time can include silence, journaling and scripture reading. We provide age appropriate camper journals for each camper that helps guide them during this time each day.

10:30am – Cabin Experiences

We block out the rest of the morning to spend time together as a cabin! This time is for team building activities, games, and tactile experiences that reinforce the theme from our Storyteller in Morning Gathering.

12:00pm – Midday Prayer

Our entire camp pauses and gathers together in our Chapel for Midday Prayer. This prayer includes scripture reading, music, silence, and both corporate and private prayer.

12:30pm – Lunch

1:00pm – Free Time & Afternoon Activities

Each day we open all of our camp activities and facilities for campers to hang out with one another and our staff. In addition to our main attractions (pool, splash park, waterslide, ropes course and more!), there are organized activities offered throughout the afternoon. We offer freedom for kids to learn how to make choices on their own and build authentic relationships with one another and God in the context of camp community. At the same time we value camp being a safe place for kids that is appropriately supervised.

6:00pm – Dinner

6:45pm – Evening Gathering

Campers gather together in our Chapel each evening for more worship and to hear from our Storyteller!

7:45pm – Cabin Reflection

We make sure to carve out some time after our Evening Gathering to hear from one another about what we are learning and how we are being encouraged and challenged in our own life and faith.

8:45pm – Hype

Each night at camp has a different theme (or what we call Hype), and staff and campers will dress in costumes for all out fun and craziness! Stay tuned for this year’s themes!

10:45pm – Lights Out

After settling down and getting ready for bed, campers will turn lights out and get some Zzz’s in order to be ready for another full day!








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Still a little unsure?
Call us at 913-262-3900 and we will be happy to answer any questions you may have!

NOTE: Health and Safety Protocol Update

For the summer of 2022, Youthfront will not be testing or screening for COVID. Youthfront will not ask for COVID vaccination status and will not require masks at camp. Of course, masks are still optional. 

We will continue to seek expert guidance from our medical advisors and will adjust if conditions change.


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