Youthfront Camp is perfect for elementary, middle, and high school age students! We are passionate about bringing youth into a growing relationship with Jesus Christ, so we do camp in a way that allows authentic discovery and growth for each camper. We do this using three primary values:

FUN. There’s no denying that a huge part of being a kid is having fun. We believe one of the best ways to worship God is through wholesome play. A typical camp day holds plenty of time for hanging out in the Snack Shop, swimming, theme nights, paintball, zip-lining, water sliding, NEW Splash Park, and more!

ENVIRONMENTS. We provide an atmosphere where students grow in their relationship with God while having a blast in an environment specially tailored to their needs. Time and space is carved out for students to connect with their creator through play, worship, community, scripture, solitude, prayer, and reflection.

COMMUNITY. We are committed to loving and caring for one another in community. Camp is a special place of acceptance and love where strong and meaningful relationships are built. The practice of sharing life together at camp for just a few days creates a culture of spiritual growth among campers and staff.

If you were at camp last summer or are curious about what it looks like, you can check out some videos from last summer on our YouTube channel.

Grades 1 – 5: If you have always wanted your kids to have the Youthfront camp experience without staying overnight, now you can! Youthfront Day Camp offers 1st-5th grade children the opportunity to have fun with friends and discover God’s love for them through transformative activities, all while sleeping in the comfort of their own bed throughout the week. This experience includes our popular camp attractions, such as the Splash Park, climbing wall, zip line, Blob, pool & waterslide, and more. Campers begin their day at 8 am accompanied by caring adults leading programmed activities as they travel from southern Overland Park to Youthfront Camp LaCygne and arrive back at 5 pm. This week-long camp experience is Monday through Friday (with the exception of session 5).


Grades 3 – 6: This camp is 2.5 days, 2 nights and a ton of fun! Your camper will have a blast enjoying our Splash Park, water slide, pool, Blob, zip line, shaving cream war, Gaga ball, Night Strike, theme nights, basketball, volleyball, disc golf, and so much more. Not only is there so much to do, but campers will get to hear an incredible speaker and hear God’s story in an authentic, hands-on, and transformative way.


Grades 6 – 9: This camp is 5.5 days, 5 nights and a full week of crazy, fun adventure! Campers get to spend the week enjoying all of our awesome camp activities, such as our Splash Park, water slide, pool, Blob, Gaga ball, Night Strike, theme nights, basketball, volleyball, zip line, disc golf, and so much more. Meanwhile, campers get to hear an amazing speaker and experience God like they never have before in this immersive camp experience.


Youthfront Camp for High School students is a 3-day, interactive experience on 600 wooded acres where campers feel what it is like to be fully alive! Campers are sure to enjoy all of our fun activities like our brand new Splash Park, interactive climbing wall, and Nerf Wars, plus all of the usual favorites, like our water slide, zip line, pool, blob, Gaga ball, disc golf, Snack Shack, and so much more.  In addition to connecting in meaningful ways with friends, campers are given the space and time to experience more of God’s presence. As campers engage in practices including prayer, scripture reading, and conversation, they will learn and develop Christ-like virtues. We are passionate about seeing young people grow in love, compassion and generosity as they live out God’s mission in the world.

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