Summer Staff Compensation

What We Pay

All of our Summer Staff positions are paid positions that include room and board. Compensation is based on years of previous Summer Staff experience and other certifications or experience. All Summer Staff are asked to choose one of two support raising options. More details can be found below.


STARTING: $200/week
2nd YEAR: $215/week
3rd YEAR: $230/week
4th YEAR: $240/week

(Plus $150 for Staff Training)

Fundraising Campaign Options

In an effort to keep our Summer Staff compensation competitive, we ask that all of our Summer Staff choose one of the following campaigns: 

Option 1: Individual Support Campaign

We get it! A summer camp job doesn’t pay the big bucks, and sometimes you need to earn more money than what we offer. Well, we’ve made a way for that. You can ask friends and family to help support your work this summer through an individual campaign, and once you cross a certain threshold, you’ll receive a bonus check at the end of the summer. If you’ve ever raised money for a mission trip or asked people to help sponsor you in a race, it’s a similar concept.  Here’s how it works:

  • * You send out letters to at least 50 addresses of friends and family.
  • * You also create a social media campaign to share after sending out the letters.
  • * Your friends and family send checks or give online to Youthfront.
  • * Anything you raise above $650 will turn into a bonus check for you, minus a 10% admin fee.
  • * Example: Let’s say you raise $1650.
    • -The first $650 goes to Youthfront.
    • -Of the extra $1000, you get a $900 bonus check at the end of the summer!

Option 2: Support a Camper Campaign

Each year, about 150 campers are able to attend Youthfront Camps because of a scholarship fund. It costs about $500 to send a camper for one full session of camp. The money we used to budget for camp scholarships has now been applied to increase our Summer Staff compensation with the hopes that each of our Summer Staff can use their networks to help one underprivileged camper attend a session of camp. Here’s how it works:

  • * We’ll reach out to have you send us a recent picture and a brief story about why you are raising money for camp scholarships.
  • * We will create an online fundraising tool with your picture and story to share.
  • * You will share the link and invite people to help you raise funds one camper to attend Youthfront.
  • * You may also request letterhead and envelopes to send out paper invitations for this campaign.
  • * As funds come in, the tool will automatically update to show your progress toward your goal of $500.

If this seems a bit intimidating, don’t be nervous. We will provide all the tools, templates, and coaching you need for either option. If you have any questions about staff compensation, don’t hesitate to reach out to Josh or Matt.

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