Summer Staff Compensation

What We Pay

All of our Summer Staff positions are paid positions that include room and board. Compensation is based on years of previous Summer Staff experience and other certifications or qualifications. Certain positions (e.g., Grounds and Maintenance) are eligible for a higher starting pay rate. Part of the job description for our staff is that they help with fundraising for Youthfront’s ministry and programs. Bonuses can be earned for raising funds above minimum expectations. See below for more details.

STARTING: $200/week
2nd YEAR: $215/week
3rd YEAR: $230/week
4th YEAR: $240/week
(Plus $150 for Staff Training)

Fundraising for Youthfront

Like many non-profits, Youthfront engages in fundraising efforts to keep the costs of our programs as low as possible as well as provide scholarships for youth to participate who otherwise can’t afford to. Each year, our Summer Staff raise thousands of dollars to help offset these expenses and provide ways for hundreds of youth to attend a session of camp or participate in a missional journey. Details about this year’s focus will be announced soon. In general, this is what you can expect regarding fundraising and how you can earn a bonus at the end of the summer:

You will receive access to a personalized fundraising tool where you will upload a picture and write a brief story.

The online tool will create a link for you to share with your friends and family about your campaign.

You will create a list of 50 names and identify how you will share your campaign with each (Text, DM, letters, etc.)

We will supply you with letterhead and envelopes for any paper letters you wish to send. We will also supply you with templates that you can use to compose your letters or online appeals.

As funds come in, the tool will automatically update to show your progress toward your goal of $500.

Bonus After Reaching Your Goal

After reaching your goal, you will receive a bonus equal to 90% of what you raise above $500. That bonus will be paid at the end of the summer. It’s a Win-Win for campers and for you!


Let’s say you raise $1500 (Congrats! That could support three camp scholarships or provide 5,000 Something to Eat meals to those in need!))

You will earn a bonus equal to 90% of what you raise above the $500 minimum expectation.

In other words, you would earn a $900 bonus at the end of summer

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