Onboarding Child Protection Policy Acknowledgement

Youthfront has a profound moral and legal obligation to protect the safety of children and youth. All summer staff will be required to complete formal training on Youthfront’s Child Protection Policy. Additionally, the organization stresses the following guidelines during the hiring process. If you feel you will be unable to abide by any of the following guidelines during the course of your employment with Youthfront, or if you have questions on any of the below guidelines, please notify your hiring contact in advance of your start date.

All meetings involving a worker and an individual youth should occur in a public place where other people are present. Some examples of public places where other people are gathered include restaurants, a park bench, or a sporting event. With planning it is possible to have a confidential conversation without being out of view.

On the rare occasion when a worker needs to meet in private with an individual youth, parental consent must first be obtained. Care should be taken to meet in public whenever possible.

When providing rides to youth, workers should have a third person in the car whenever possible. Care should be taken to PLAN AHEAD to avoid finding oneself in private with a youth. Under no circumstances shall any worker be alone in a car with an individual youth.

As a general rule, youth workers shall not be alone in a room with an individual youth. If the situation becomes unavoidable (e.g., last one out of the cabin or dorm), the adult shall wait outside the room or close to an open front door or window if reasonably possible.

In group sleeping arrangements (e.g. Camp cabins, youth group trips, Missions trips) two adults must be present with any number of youth during the stated “lights out” time. Under no circumstances shall any worker share a bed with a youth.

Staff/Volunteers will be assigned overnight accommodations with the following guidelines: 

No adult will stay overnight with youth of the opposite sex.

No adult will stay overnight with youth representing a gender the adult is attracted to.

Although physical affection can have an appropriate place in ministry, workers shall use discretion as to the frequency and type of physical affection they provide to youth. Specifically, workers should typically refrain from giving a student a back massage or a front-to-front hug. Workers should never have students sit on their laps, or vice-versa.

An adult/leader:youth ratio of 1:12 (maximum) for overnight events, will be observed. A leader may occasionally be a minor. Any leader who is a minor must be under direct adult supervision at all times. A leader who is a minor must be at least four years older than the other youth in order to be considered a leader.

Touching should be in response to the need of the child and not the need of the adult. It should always be with the child’s permission. A worker shall never touch a student’s breasts, buttocks, or groin or vice versa.

Corporal punishment is never permissible. Physical restraint should be used only in order to protect the health and welfare of the student, other students, volunteers or staff.

When operating a motor vehicle to transport minors on behalf of Youthfront, staff are not allowed to use a portable (cell) phone.

Social Networking (DM’s, Instagram, Snapchat, Texting, etc) should be used with care when communicating to children and youth.  Youth workers should try to keep digital communication public, during normal waking hours, and appropriate to the student. All digital communication is a permanent record and can be interpreted wrongly. Be above reproach. Youthfront leadership can review all digital communication between the youth worker and children or youth at any time.

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