Are you looking for a summer position that will allow you to gain real-world career experience? Do you need an internship or practicum to grow your resume or fulfill a degree requirement?

Youthfront offers a wide selection of summer jobs, internships, and practicums that can be tailored to fit degree specifications and needed skills for your major or field of study. And the best news? All of our positions are PAID and can be offered as college credit at most schools.

Added bonuses of Youthfront internships include:

  • * Explore a career field and determine if it aligns with your interests and professional goals.
  • * Make professional connections with people who may help you form relationships with other industries, churches, or businesses.
  • * Show work-related skills and competencies that will increase your marketability for future positions and careers.

We’d love to come alongside you as you grow in your studies and applicable skills. Here are examples of majors that previous staff members held that were enhanced because of Youthfront jobs and internships: 

  • * Communications and Public Relations
  • * Multimedia Production and Journalism
  • * Non-Profit Leadership
  • * Ministry/Religion
  • * Youth and Family Studies
  • * Elementary and Secondary Education
  • * Psychology/Sociology
  • * Pre-Med
  • * Nursing
  • * Biology
  • * Business Administration

After you are hired, we will work with your college or university to provide the internship or practicum experience you require.

Questions about doing an internship or practicum?

Contact Andy Garlich, Director of Camps

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