Leadership Initiative Application

Thank you for your interest in making the Teen Staff community a healthier and more impactful place to be! Below is information and the application to be a part of the Pilot group of Teen Staff who will form the first leadership team. Please read everything carefully and answer all questions to the best of your ability.



Our goal for the Teen Staff leadership initiative is to create a space where students who have a desire to lead and influence the Teen Staff community can come together to dream about what our program can be, pray together, serve together, and be in community. From our time together we want to go out and curate a Teen Staff community that is more inclusive, more intentional in all we do, and more willing to follow Jesus.



Please fill out all fields. You might want to write all answers in a word document so your answers are saved in case something happens and the page refreshes or you are unable to complete the application all at once.

Application closes November 15.

  • If you do not attend church, write 'none'
  • If you do not attend a youth group, write 'none'
  • A Few Questions

    Please answer this next group of questions thoughtfully and with as much detail as you can. We truly care about the answers to these questions to know you better and to know your opinions on the culture of the current Teen Staff community.
  • Requirements

    We want Teen Staff who are dedicated to cultivating a healthy community, not only with their words but also with their actions. In order to be on the Leadership Initiative, we ask that you are able to commit to a short list of requirements so we are able to be accountable towards one another. If you are unable to commit to one or multiple of these, please send in your application anyway and we can follow up with you. An answer of no does not disqualify you from being a part of the initiative!

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