Teen Staff Important Information

Want answers to your TONS of burning questions about Teen Staff? Here you go!

How much does it cost to Teen Staff?

Each Teen Staff session will have a nominal $25 fee. It costs much more than that to run our Teen Staff program, but through a combination of fees, support funds, and other fundraisers, we are able to make up the rest of the costs of meals and expenses at camp, hiring full-time staff to invest in students, and opportunities for year-round program activities. We are excited to share more soon about how we are expanding the Teen Staff program and fundraising opportunities!

How old must I be to serve as a Teen Staff member?

You must be at least going into the 9th grade in fall 2019.

Do I need to attend a session of High School Camp if I plan to Teen Staff?

To be considered for your first year of Teen Staff, you must be registered for a session of High School Camp. Although you are not required to attend camp each year, we highly encourage that you consider attending to have the best experience in our Teen Staff Program. After your first year of Teen Staff, we have a session of High School camp that you can attend reserved for returning Teen Staff. You should also keep in mind:

a) Registering for a session of High School Camp does not guarantee you a position with Teen Staff. You must still go through the interview process and be hired by one of our Teen Staff Directors.

b) If this is your first time applying for Teen Staff and attending High School Camp, your $50 minimum camp deposit is due before you will be considered for a position, so register early. You can register for a session of High School Camp through at youthfront.com/account.

Does my session of High School Camp need to happen before I serve as a Teen Staff?

Your session of High School Camp and your session(s) of Teen Staff do not have to happen in a particular order. You can attend High School Camp session 10 and serve on Teen Staff session 1, you just have to be registered for your week of camp before you serve.

How can I become certified for lifeguarding?

To lifeguard at camp, you will need current certification in lifeguarding, First Aid, and CPR for the professional rescuer. Youthfront will offer multiple certification trainings for all of those in the spring. You are required by the American Red Cross to be 15 years of age or older by the end of your training dates and your certification will last 2 years. If you are interested in becoming certified, please indicate so on your Teen Staff application and it will be discussed in your interview. If you have any further questions please email Youthfront’s Lifeguard Instructor, Mac Maser at mmaser@youthfront.com.

If you’d like to get certified on your own, you can contact Mac for help in finding trainings in your area, or the Greater Kansas City Chapter of the American Red Cross at (816) 931-8400 or info@kcredcross.org for dates and locations of classes. For Ellis certification contact the Liberty Community Center at (816) 792-6009.

Lifeguards are eligible for a $75 discount off of their session of High School Camp and their certification costs are covered by Youthfront through trainings offered by Youthfront. We give VERY high priority to students who are eligible for lifeguarding.

When do I need to have my Teen Staff application turned in?

Although there is no deadline for Teen Staff applications, please apply before May 1 to increase your chances to serve your desired weeks. We will begin hiring in the spring and have most of our sessions filled by the time camp starts. If you have never attended a session of High School Camp,  you need to be registered for a session before you will be considered for Teen Staff. Apply and register now!

How will I know if I have been selected to be a part of Teen Staff?

A Teen Staff Director will contact you by phone to conduct an interview. If hired, you’re summer Teen Staff schedule will be set over the phone and you will be emailed detailed information the week before your assigned week(s) on Teen Staff. We ask that you please do not call us about the status of your application.

How will I get to and from camp?

Transportation to and from camp is your responsibility. This needs to be arranged before you come to camp.

If selected, when do I need to be at camp?

Arrival times to camp vary depending on the camp session. A Teen Staff Director will let you know what time you need to be at camp for your scheduled week(s). Arriving early is not permitted.

When should I plan to leave camp?

Departure times vary. For most sessions, you should plan to leave camp around 11:00 a.m. on Saturday. Do not plan to leave early unless your absence is pre-approved by the Teen Staff Director. We need you the whole week!

Where will I be rooming while on Teen Staff?

Teen Staff guys and gals each have their own assigned quarters. It is your responsibility to keep the area neat and clean. We adhere to our Child Protection Policy with two adults supervising each living area.

Are laundry facilities available for my use?

Laundry facilities may only be used in emergency situations if approved by Teen Staff Directors. Be sure that you bring enough clothes, towels, etc. to last the entire week.

What should I bring with me to camp?

PLEASE BRING Indoor/Outdoor clothes for hot days and cool nights, clothes that you don’t mind getting dirty, closed-toe shoes, a dark t-shirt for the waterslide, modest swimsuit, towels, bedding, bathroom stuff, sun screen, bug spray, water bottle, Bible, journal, pen, games, musical instruments.

DO NOT BRING weapons or fire starting tools of any kind, including Airsoft guns, paintball guns, knives, lighters, matches, candles, fireworks, laser pointers, vape pens, etc.

Can my friends/family come visit me while Iʼm at camp?

No, only staff, campers, and Teen Staff hired for that week are allowed on camp property.

Can my parents be assured of adult supervision at camp?

Yes! Our Child Protection Policy ensures adult supervision at all times. The Teen Staff Directors serve as your coordinators and advisors. As Teen Staff, you should get to know them. They want to be a source of encouragement and spiritual guidance to you.

If I am on Teen Staff two weeks in a row, can I spend the weekend at the camp?

No, we close our camps on the weekends. If you live a great distance away, make plans to stay with a relative, friends, or a family in the area. You are responsible for these arrangements.

What positions are available for Teen Staff?

You can see all of the positions by clicking this link: Teen Staff Position Descriptions

We need lifeguards, kitchen workers, snack shop workers, and others. The Teen Staff Directors will try to match your skills and interests to our camp needs. Your job may vary from week to week or remain the same. This will be discussed with you when you are asked to be a part of Teen Staff.

Can I be a part of Teen Staff for more than one week?

Yes, you will be scheduled to fit your availability and the needs of the camp. Your attitude, dependability, and flexibility are a few of the things considered when scheduling you to Teen Staff. We do our best to adhere to our “2 weeks on – 1 week off” rule in hiring.

Does Teen Staff meet requirements for community service hours for my school?

Yes, Teen Staffing counts toward community service hours. Bring any necessary paperwork with you to camp and the supervisors will fill them out on Saturday afternoon. You will be eligible for up to 50 hours for a week of service at camp.

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