Imagina is Youthfront’s ministry in Croc, Mexico.  It has been in existence for over 15 years.  Imagina first started with short-term mission groups visiting the community and then later developed into broader efforts of community development.  Its main focus now is an after-school program run by young adults that grew up alongside the church and Youthfront Mexico.  Previously called Club 121, the after-school program is now known as Imagina (Imagine).

Imagina is not simply a program but a movement that does not conform to present reality of the world. It looks to bring change to the community through education. Imagina serves as a platform for cultural transformation, so that our town looks more like what God intends.

Imagina consists of the following:

– After-school program/tutoring for kids in elementary school

– Mentoring program for teenagers.

– Scholarships for higher education.

At Imagina we believe God is bringing about change.  We believe that Mexico can be better.  We believe in people.  We believe in restoration.  We believe in holistic education

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