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Alex Dressman is a Volunteer Cabin Leader at Youthfront Camp LaCygne for the first time this summer, although she has worked at Youthfront Camp West in the past. She took some time to reflect on her experience at camp so far this summer.

Q: What is something you want to get out of this summer working here at Youthfront?
A: I just want to spend this time pouring into girls, really learning about their lives, and maybe providing some advice, mentorship or guidance for girls who may be struggling with an issue, or may be looking towards an older girl for direction.

Q: If you could describe your faith in one word, how would you?
A: I would say steadying. I think faith is about rooting yourself in something more concrete than what this world or circumstances or emotions or feelings have to offer. Faith is something that grounds me.

Q: How do you think Youthfront has impacted your life and helped you through your faith journey?
A: I think that these types of spaces cause me to really contemplate my relationship with the Lord, and help me to slow down. It cultivates this sense of desiring a deeper relationship or intimacy with the Lord, that I think some other camps may not completely capture because you’re moving from activity to activity. So I really appreciate the emphasis placed on prayer.

Q: How has Youthfront helped guide you through the noise of life?
A: I think this goes back to centering, where purpose and gifting and relationships all come from, and that comes from a deep understanding of relationship with the Lord, and what His word says over your life. I think Youthfront does a good job of pointing even us leaders to Him so that we can pour out into others.

Alex Dressman, Volunteer Cabin Leader at Youthfront Camp LaCygne

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