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I really enjoyed the leadership I was surrounded by. The conversations that arose in daily living were always enlightening. There’s so much to learn from the team and the people that they surround themselves with as well. I think they live missionally and it was good to see that we can live missionally and not have to go off to the other side of the road to be part of God’s work. To be invited into their lives for a couples of weeks was such a blessing.

I would invite others to submerge themselves into the lives of other people and see the world from a different point of view. The town is filled with fun and loving kids that exemplify how God wants us to love each other. They give so much of themselves to loving on visitors and it was extremely humbling and eye-opening. This is the greatest lesson I learned: How to love and let myself be loved.

Auri Diaz, Volunteer with Youthfront Imagina in Croc, Mexico

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