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I think you could safely say that Teen Staffing changed the course of my life. Spending my summers during my high school years focused on serving others, serving camp, and serving Jesus definitely helped me have a big-picture perspective. It is quite a revelation for a high school student to grasp that it’s not all about them! I also feel that surrounding myself in a community of similar-minded students was a blessing as well. I was fortunate to formulate several deep friendships from this community that last to this day, 20 years later.

This outward-focused perspective stuck with me beyond the Teen Staff years as I chose a career in Youth Ministry. Then, I had the unique opportunity to give back to the Teen Staff community when I came on full-time staff with Youthfront as a Teen Staff Supervisor. I fondly remember walking alongside students as they grew in the love of Jesus and formed their own community. Things that I was taught on Teen Staff—like humility and actively seeking the opportunity to meet the needs of those around me—were truths that I was now teaching. I believe that is why they are truths that are still with me and that I am still living.

Courtney Gras, Former Teen Staff

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