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Elizabeth Burris’s Story

My name is Elizabeth and this has been my second summer as a Cabin Leader at Youthfront LaCygne. My time here has been filled with incredible opportunities to build relationships with students and helping them learn more about who God is–all while growing in my own faith.

My favorite part about Youthfront LaCygne is that it provides a safe but open environment for high school students to ponder difficult questions we are faced with as Christians–questions we may even struggle with answering ourselves. Questions like:

If God is all knowing and all-powerful, why do bad things happen?

If God is always with us, why does He often feel so far away?

Is hell a real place? And if it is, is it eternal?

Looking at scripture, we are able to provide the students with biblical truths. To help give them more wisdom, we often provide the students with the opinions of early church fathers or other great theologians (many of which differ from one another). That’s really all we can do. Provide them with scripture, the opinions of respected Christians, and letting them discuss with one another.

The discussions that blossom from these hard questions has been such an honor to even listen in on. Lots of these students have incredible wisdom and insight, often carrying discussions beyond the Morning Gathering and through meals and free time. While it often seems that the discussions lead to more questions than answers, it also leads to a nurturing environment for relational community.

It brings me great comfort that students can have disagreements in the discussions at Morning Gathering, and then affirm the Apostle’s Creed together as a community at midday prayer. We serve a God who is much bigger than us. A God we will never be capable of understanding in this life. What’s important is that we’re clinging to the truth of the gospel, and creating safe places for young Christians to ask and discuss tough questions.

Elizabeth Burris, Cabin Leader at Youthfront LaCygne

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